Dilan Abeya Shows what the Future of Small Business Could Look Like

The business world has changed significantly during the past few decades. The advent of technological advancement has quickly shifted how most businesses conduct their daily operations. One of the biggest shifts has taken place in the field of marketing. In the past, most people who worked in marketing focused on direct mail, billboards, and TV commercials. While this still plays a major role in most marketing plans, the biggest part of marketing now takes place in the digital world. For those who are looking to grow a small business, it is important to figure out how to use the digital world to meet new customers and clients. This is where Dilan Abeya has excelled.

Dilan Abeya is a financial professional with JP Morgan; however, he is also a social media influencer. Social media is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing world today. There are hundreds of millions of people who use social media on a regular basis. Some of the most popular social media platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Dilan Abeya has more than 53,000 followers on Instagram and he uses this to not only help in his business ventures but also to inspire others. He communicates information related to products and services, fitness, and other inspirational messages. In this manner, he is not only recruiting potential customers but also showcasing what the future of small business might look like.

For this reason, those who are looking to grow a small business need to take these messages to heart. While small businesses might not be a large corporation such as JP Morgan, the principles behind digital marketing is the same. Social media is an inexpensive digital marketing tool that is essential in the modern business world. Given that it is free to set up a profile, it is important for all businesses to have profiles on the platforms that are most likely to reach their target markets. Furthermore, many social media marketing tools provide users with the opportunity to make sure their messages land in front of their potential clients, meaning that this is a customizable tool that can help businesses boost their conversion rates.

Dilan Abeya is a pro at both finance and social media. He is serving as an inspiration to others while also showing people how to run a digital marketing campaign. While Dilan Abeya might still be young, he is already one of the top individuals in his field. It will be interesting to see where Dilan Abeya goes from here. Without a doubt, the sky is the limit for him, both at JP Morgan and in the business world as a whole.


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