Data Centre Relocation – How to Make it a Success

There are many reasons to move your company to another premises. However, there is only one way to go about the move – carefully. You don’t need a lot of people involved in the move, you just need careful planning and assistance from a company who knows what they are doing. Here are some important tips and considerations to ensure a successful transition.

Planning Ahead

At, you’ll find a company that specialises in logistics. They offer a wide range of services and data centre relocation is one of them. Data centre relocation is essentially shutting down operations in one area and bringing them up in another. It isn’t that complicated when you work with experienced people.

Moving all the hardware to a new location is the easy part, the hard part comes when you have to integrate all the systems while minimising downtime. This is where a turnkey logistics company comes in useful.

All Together or Phased

Most of us know the advantages of moving our workforce to a new location, but to ensure everything goes off without a hitch, you must decide whether you want it done in one go or staggered.

An all in one go move comes when you shut down everything and make things happen in a short period. Everything is shut down, a team packs items away, they’re shipped and reassembled in the new location. This type of move is great for SMEs, but it doesn’t work well for larger entities. Many companies use phased moves which are typically the most disruptive.

It all comes down to the company and what best suits their needs.

Issues When Moving

When relocating a company, employers need to take many things under consideration. Are employees under contractual agreements? Will the premises work? Will it reduce costs? The logistics involved can be monumental, that’s why careful planning is a must.

A lot of things can go wrong in transit, such as expensive equipment getting damaged. Your machines may not even work at the new centre and it will affect the transition period. When arriving at the new location, you may notice that networking and authentication processes have yet to be established. All of these things can cause business interruptions, this is why you need to prepare.

Professional Assistance

Planning and executing a data centre relocation is no easy task. The project manager should be an outside person or team that specialises in this type of relocation. It is important to bring in a team to move all the hardware and deal with the other end of the move – integrating systems. You’ll be moving delicate equipment, so pick a company who has plenty of experience.

There is no doubt that a data centre move is a daunting task, there is a lot of planning involved and many things can go wrong. The best way to mitigate any issues is to work with a logistics company who specialise in this type of move. They’ll be able to handle all the hardware and have strategies in place to have you up and running in the new building.