Daily Tools for a Landscape Architect

As a landscape architect you have certain tools you use on a daily basis to get the job done. As an aspiring landscape architect, you may be wondering what tools experienced landscape architects use that you might not be familiar with. Regardless of your level of experience in the field, the tools of the trade will constantly evolve. If you want to be competitive and grow your business, you’ll need to keep up with the current best practices and technological advancements. 

Here’s a list of daily tools you’ll want to have at your disposal as a successful landscape architect. 

Sketching Supplies 

When you have an idea for a project it helps to sketch it out, for your own planning purposes and to show potential customers your ideas. Sketching equipment can include paper and pencil and/or digital tablet and stylus. The benefit of digital sketching is that it can be live or uploaded so that others can have access to it. You can control who has access to make edits and who only has viewing access. 

Desktop and Mobile Devices

Technology is more than a suggestion, but a requirement for running a business in today’s society. Mobile devices are crucial for the landscape architect because they make it possible to access all of the information you need while you’re out in the field. You may find it easier to work on a desktop computer in the office or at home, but a mobile device in the hands of at least one person at every job site can improve communication and productivity. 

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Software Package

Software refers to the programs and applications you use on your computers and other devices. A software package is a collection of programs or a single application that can do it all. With a software package like Buildertrend, you can manage all aspects of your business through one application on an unlimited number of devices. 

Examples and Samples

Some customers know exactly what they want for their landscaping project. Others may need to see some ideas and suggestions to help determine their goals for their property. It is always helpful to have examples of previous projects to show, including photographs. Keep samples with you so customers can see and touch the actual product. 


Documentation is a necessary part of a business. From estimates to contracts, documents need to be viewed and signed on a regular basis. Digital documents provide a variety of benefits over paper. They can’t get lost when the copy is saved on a technological device. Electronic signatures are also possible, cutting down on travel time and in-person meetings. You can also eliminate the need for physical file storage in an office somewhere.  

Tools to Collect Payment

Offering customers and business partners a variety of payment options and methods can help you collect payments much more easily and in a timely manner. Providing online payment methods eliminates the need for in person collection of payment. Accepting credit cards digitally is another way that technology can make collecting payments easier for your employees and your customers. These financial tools can improve your business’s bottom line. 

Business Growth Tools 

A successful business is a growing business. It’s important to gather leads, submit proposals, send email marketing campaigns, and book new projects if you want your business to succeed and grow. Your business management software should include sales services that make it easy to bring in new customers and target the right groups who are in need of your services. 

The Tools for Success 

Technology is a necessary tool for a successful landscape architect. The right combination of hardware and software can make your job easier in a wide variety of ways. Improved communication, streamlined processes, increased productivity, and better budgeting are just some of the ways construction management software gives you the tools for success. 

Buildertrend construction management software is designed especially for contractors to meet all of your business needs in a single application. As a company, we strive to improve project management for contractors of all industries and specialties. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.