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The logo of a brand carries integral importance because it is a source of recognition. Potential buyers and existing customers remember the brand through the logo that it has. When you talk about getting new buyers, the importance of having an interactive logo is much higher. It is a simple psychological fact that people remember simple and unique things. 

There is a misperception that brands with complex designed logos get the maximum recognition. Having a logo with a complicated design actually misfires because people fail to remember it. As a result, they skip the brand and consider alternatives. Consider that you come across an image with a suitable text statement. If you want to use the printed text for your logo, what would be the most suitable strategy. The hard way out is replicating the text and creating it from the start. This option has two negatives. One is that the user should have appropriate designing knowledge. Other than that, this is not a suitable option in terms of time. Prepostseo image to text converter is the optimum alternative for accomplishing this task.

Having a feel of the image to text converter working process 

It becomes hard to use a tool if you don’t have any prior knowledge of using it. You do not have to face any challenges while using the image to text converter. It an easy tool with short options.

This is how an image to text converter works

Upload the required snapshot

The first step is picking the image to be used for text extraction. Users can either upload the image by browsing as a file or provide the URL. When the uploading process has been completed, you can move ahead to the next stage. 

Text extraction and download

Image uploading is the only task which users need to complete. This tool is simpler as compared to various other online applications. The text on the image is extracted as soon the submit button. When the text appears in the text box, you can copy it from there. Other than that, there is an option to download the .TXT file. If you wish to use the text multiple times, there is an alternative to copy it to the clip board.

Looking at an example

Consider that you come across a bottle image with “I like sour fruits” written in the center. If you want to use the text for an article title, heading or any other purpose, using an image to text converter is the best way out. It would require much lesser time than creating the text from start and formatting it.

Free to use tool for all offered features

Some users get fascinated only after seeing that a tool offers free access. Once they start using it, it becomes apparent that only limited ones can be used without paying. In case of image to text converters, the access is not limited to specific features. Similarly, users are not restricted to use the tool for a specific number of times.

Who finds these converters fruitful?

These tools are simple so anyone can use them. However, they are used most commonly by the following user types.

Creative Designers 

For a designer, coming up with an “out of the box” concept is a daily task. They are always expected to generate unique ideas so that designs can appear exclusive. At times, some part of an existing snapshot may be used to create a new image. Consider that you feel that the text on an old banner can be used as a caption in a new product brochure. The best way to access that text is using one of these converters. They would extract the text and produce it on your screen. In this way, no time would be spent on typing and formatting.

Social media content creators

Having a social media page just has one core goal and that is attracting traffic. If you don’t have people visiting your page consistently, be prepared to close it off. There is no standard curriculum to get the attention of people. Visitors notice anything which does not seem ordinary. A lot of creative social media professionals use words with intentional spelling errors. This catches the immediate attention of anyone who gets the first glimpse. 

  • To get the attention of people, using the right text for headings, captions and titles is absolutely necessary. It is not necessary that the text is created from the start every time. Selecting the correct existing text is also a smart creative strategy. You may come across a one liner on a mug and find it suitable for a Facebook caption. There is no need to open a word processing application and type the text. The use of an online image to text converter is an ideal way. This tool runs through the image and picks out the written text. The technological logic implemented behind these tools is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It is a software platform through which text is extracted from images as direct selection is not possible.

Product Managers 

It is a fact that product managers do not have to be involved in rigorous design milestones. However, at times, they have to extract text from images for product brochures, marketing reports or sales analysis. Consider that you have a report snapshot in JPEG form.  It would be cumbersome to create it from scratch. In addition to that, these professionals have to work with tight product delivery deadlines. Hence, using an image to text converter is a better alternative. In this way, users can attain accurate text outputs in less time from images.

  • Even if the time is available, creating product reports from scratch by looking at snapshots would have accuracy problems. While copying fields and entering details, mistakes can easily be made. A converter would extract the exact text without any erroneous outputs.  This will be a time saver for product managers allowing them to focus on other important activities. 

Brand Logo Tips To Brand Your Business

When designing a brand, it’s important to think about several different factors that should be considered. The first and most obvious of these factors is the image you want your brand logo to portray. In order to create a logo that will catch the attention of potential customers, it’s important to consider the visual appeal as well as the functionality of your logo design.

  • Choose The Right Colors: Colors, if chosen carefully, can add a great deal of visual appeal to your logo. For instance, green tends to be a very soothing color, especially when contrasted against blue. Green also tends to be the color of nature and many people tend to associate green with trees and grass, which is perfect for an agriculture-based business, like a plant or flower shop.
  • Printing Your Logo On Promotional Products: It’s a good idea to use promotional products, such as promo bags, lanyards, and shirts to print your brand logo unto. You can also have your logo engraved on unique promotional products, such as powerbanks and steel card casings.

Promotional products can be given as freebies, special gifts, or as a form of reward to your new and loyal customers. You can create high-quality promotional items at

  • Think About Your Audience: Different age groups have a color preference. For instance, the younger your target audience is, the more colorful your logo should be. The older they are, the logo should be simpler.
  • Determine The Best Logo Elements: A business logo may come in different elements, such as text, shapes, colors, background, and others. However, you don’t need to necessarily use all of these elements to make your design stand out.
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