Cost-Effective Steel Staircase & Support Fittings for Warehouses & Factories

If you are the owner of a warehouse business, it is important to make the very best use of available space and many facilities have a mezzanine floor for extra storage space, which would otherwise be wasted space. Of course, it is vital that you can reach upper storage areas and that’s where custom steel staircases come into play. You can check some of the best industrial stairways here:

Rails & Supports

Any above ground area must be cordoned off with steel rails and you can source a company that stocks ball & stanchion posts of various designs with an online search. If you want the best products, check out Advantage Industries’ new website that offers a wide range of staircases, knockdown stairs, and support rails, all at affordable prices. If they don’t have what you need, the chances are they could fabricate to order certain components that you need.

Non-Slip Surfaces

Of course, all stairways and floor surfaces should be non-slip and most business owners choose an epoxy resin floor, as this is durable and non-slip, even in the wet. Stair treads should also be non-slip for obvious reasons and by searching with Google, you can find a leading Australian company that specialises in steel staircases and upper-level supports. You can also buy anti-slip stickers to adhere to steps if they require them, just make sure that the surface is dry and clean before fixing. Click here for tips on maintaining a small business, which is recommended reading for all small business owners.

Custom Stair Kits

As the steel staircases are a modular design, the kits can easily be customised to fit perfectly and buying the kit saves quite a bit of money, as you can self-install the unit at your leisure. You can even have the stairs on roller castors, making it easy to clear the space if you need it, with locking wheels for added safety. For more information on custom staircase kits for commercial use, an online search will take you to the website of an Australian supplier and you can discuss your needs with an expert.

Replacement Parts

The great thing about having a steel staircase that bolts together is you can easily replace a tread or other component, making for quick and easy repairs. Modular systems can be broken down and reassembled in a different design and location, while individual components are easy to change.

Creating a Mezzanine Floor

If you have the space off the ground, why not make the best use of it by creating a mezzanine floor for extra storage space? A staircase on wheels can be used for access and then you have a lot more room for temporary storage, although you will have to watch the weight you are going to store up there. This is a great solution for many warehouse managers that are looking for additional storage space and it is also cost-effective, making the best use of what you already have.

There are many possibilities to create extra space in your factory or warehouse and by searching online, you can find the perfect staircase supplier who sells custom kits and other essential items.