Conversation with a cancer patient benefitted from cannabis

Cancer is one of the chronic diseases that persist widely in our society and people get more confused and ask more about it. Zane Ulin is one of the people who keep on combatting cancer with the help of cannabis. At a meeting at a café, he presented me with several jars and a large syringe of indeterminate origin. Before I could ask a question he gave me a jar and said, “This is what you want; this is what cures cancer. This is a full-plant extract, you see how dark it is?” he further describes a material that is just like the shape of a ball. It is much yellower than opium. This excerpt provides some of the core conversations between the interviewee and Zane.


What’s your experience with cancer and how the RSO (Rick Simpson oil helps them?

The life of Rick Simpson has taken its toll when he started making oil out of cannabis. This cannabis oil making caused loads of problems for him. This guy is restricted to get an entry in some of the countries, though he is a master and known as FECO (full extract cannabis oil). In a nutshell, due to this, his life has been ruined.


What’s your take on when you get to know that you are suffering from terminal cancer? 


Yes, when I diagnosed with cancer I got to know that every other man dies on the third day with this type of cancer I was suffering from is non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in which no one has lasted more than a year. I have been a survivor and I am The only survivor of this disease.


Why did you opt to take this CBD international oil? 


As per the interviewee, he has taken a whole lot of capsules without giving second thoughts. Whom I was taking the Denali flower he felt like something else. As per him, I had a lot, that I had turned into oil, had a jar like this full, and started eating it like there was no tomorrow. And in two months, I had 80 percent remission, and they consider remission to be 20 percent tumor reduction. I had an unheard of numbers in two months. In about four months I was entirely cancer-free — unheard of. I continued on the chemo, and I even went ahead and did a stem cell transplant as well, down at the University of Washington but, I did that prophylactically — just to fight harder to make sure it didn’t come back, and I was able to donate my stem cells because my body was cancer-free. Nobody else in the world has been able to do that — no one.


Had you taken that oil just for medication or something else? 

As per him, he is unable you mention the name of the smuggler who provides the flower. The smuggler’s stepdaughter was his friend. She provided him a substantial amount of cannabis and told that it cures cancer. As per him, at first, he was susceptible to the claim. He had done his research and got to know about the positive benefits of the same.


From where do you get the information that cannabis cures cancer? 


As per the interviewee, he doesn’t have any clue about this. But simultaneously the traditional medicine for cancer did not make much of a difference. As per him, he has a friend who works at Temple University as a neuroscientist. As per her if cannabis and chemo can be taken preferably then you can only be get benefitted.


So what are your afterthoughts about cannabis the helped to manage the chemo?


There is an accurate change in my working behavior after the medication. Though I keep on doing work the vital thing about this is I became more efficient.


What’s the take of people on you?


As I got cured of the rare kind of cancer this made me as superman. The whole of the hospital treats me as a hero and survivor. I was the one who is just like a miracle in medical history.


What’s the take of doctors on this?


After my results, they are united aware of the fact that there is something in cannabis that can withhold the cancer virus. Though there are some of the deniable doctors who just sees this as a miraculous act. This is not their fault as they are trained for not thinking outside the box. It is mandatory to take care of some of the unconventional ways


At last, as per Zane, there are different benefits he got from cannabis to cure his chronic terminal illness. Though there is no so much research this vague idea of using CBD international oil can provide a small hope of light for those who get quite depressed about their remaining days.

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