Chris Graffagnino Is One of the Top Rising Entrepreneurs in the World

Times are changing and it is important for everyone to place themselves in a position to adapt to the new global economic system. There is a lot of uncertainty right now and without the right strategy, it is possible for businesses to take on an unnecessary amount of risk. This is where Chris Graffagnino enters the picture.

Today, Chris Graffagnino is known as one of the top entrepreneurs in the world. Most people look at the success that he has had at such a young age and understand that the sky is the limit for this impressive financier. At the same time, he did not get where he is without a lot of hard work along the way. Prior to exploring niche markets for risk management, Chris Graffagnino worked in the public sector. He handled operations for military departments and law enforcement professionals which gave him the experience and insight that he needed to move to the private sector. When he decided to take his talents to the private side, he tried to find an area in which his unique skill set would be successful. That led to risk management, security evacuation, and repatriation services. His company has grown quickly thanks to not only his skills but also his personality as well.

This unique skillset also led to him starting up his own non-profit mentorship service which is called Settle4Success. This is a free learning platform that was established back in 2016. Chris Graffagnino set up this platform with the intent of training individuals to anticipate certain business pitfalls in the hopes that they would avoid them before they fell into them. Chris Graffagnino offers this platform for free. He wants to communicate strong business values to the younger generation in the same way that his father did for him. The goal of the platform is to teach everyone how to find a way to generate sustainable revenues while still finding a path to business growth. It is always better to go into the business world with a guide instead of blind faith, which is the lesson that Chris Graffagnino tries to teach everyone.

Chris Graffagnino knows the impact that the mentorship from his father had on him. It made him into the successful businessman that he is today. Now, Chris Graffagnino is looking for a way to give back. Chris finds time to do this even while still running his global risk management company. Even though his father passed away when Chris was only 23, he still feels his father’s guidance even to this day. He is trying to provide this same guidance to the next generation of young professionals.



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