Catching Up With Kynect’s Women of Power Call

Kynect’s Women of Power calls connect some of the brightest women in business and marketing, including a number of leading Kynect Directors. These events are seen by many of the women who participate as some of the most empowering and transformative opportunities to connect within Kynect each year – and they often help Associates grow and achieve incredible things.

For the May 2020 Women of Power Zoom call, Executive Director Amy Nadell, of Dresher, PA, joined up for a second conversation with Managing Director Karen Bonitatibus, of Maple, PA, and Senior Director Michelle Davis, of Furlong, PA, to talk about the power of Kynect, how to learn and grow when things don’t go according to plan, and how to learn from the best of the best.


The Power of the Opportunity

Karen Bonitatibus was a health and PE teacher who left her job to stay home and raise her kids. When she returned to teaching, she found herself stuck in a part-time role, so she walked away and launched a fast-growing housekeeping company. After discovering the Kynect opportunity, she has dedicated her career to focusing full-time on growing her Kynect business, and is soon to achieve a long-awaited promotion to Senior Director.

Michelle Davis joined Kynect through Amy in 2011, and has since become a Senior Director. She learned how to build her business not just from Amy, but from a number of incredible women, and loves the feeling of community, even in this time, that Kynect creates.


Learning from Mistakes, Growing, and Moving Forward

Amy asked both Karen and Michelle to share stories about what to do when things don’t go quite as planned – and how to recover from momentary disappointment to achieve lasting success.

Karen told the story of how she was soon to be promoted to Senior Director, but then discovered that after signing up 11 new people for Kynect services, the codes they had been signed up using were not correct. This meant that she didn’t get her promotion until signing more people up for services, but she never gave up.

She knew she hadn’t truly lost anything. I said, “I’ve still got a team. I still know where I’m going, and I know I can do this. I jumped back on the horse, got busy, and started building again. I didn’t make the same mistake a second time, and I never gave up.”

Since that experience, Karen also now draws out everything on paper to make sure her team understands how every part of the business processes works, eliminating any margin of error.

Michelle’s story was simpler: she made mistakes in her early time as an Associate and didn’t hit many bonuses early on, but she kept going. “I love building a team. I love helping people get what they want,” she says, and her almost 10 years growing her Kynect business prove this.


The Importance of Accountability

At a recent Kynect Sunday Night Live event, author Trent Shelton spoke about the difference between goals and standards, and how “goals get us where we want to be, but standards keep us there.”

Amy used this as a launchpad to discuss the importance of accountability in building a thriving business, and Michelle had extensive insight on the subject.

For Michelle, accountability requires a partner to help ensure that you do the work. In her words, “You need somebody that’s going to call you out and hold you accountable for the things you need to do to get to where you want to be.” She didn’t immediately succeed in finding accountability partners, though, as one friend she spoke with didn’t want to be part of the Kynect opportunity and she struggled to stay on topic and on task with another.

When she finally partnered with Stephanie Norton, things finally clicked. Michelle helped Stephanie earn her car last year, and they had the chance to celebrate Stephanie’s big win together. “It’s so critical to partner with someone who doesn’t benefit from you and who can help you stay on track. Don’t let a week go by without talking to them. It’s been a key part of my success.”

For new Associates looking for an accountability partner, there are many options available, including a Facebook Page to help you find a match. Associates can also ask their upline for assistance with this.


What Team Culture Means

Amy then asked the call for their take on team culture – what it is, what it means, and why it matters.

Karen answered by discussing her high belief in Kynect and its proven business model, and how she wants everyone on her team to feel exactly the same way she does. By creating group bonding experiences, keeping team members in the loop, and making sure they believe the same things you do, you can bring your entire organization into alignment to do incredible things. To put it succinctly: “You don’t get this camaraderie at a normal job.”

Michelle’s answer reaffirmed this. She explained that she doesn’t demand that new team members do anything, and she communicates with them, no matter whether or not they respond. In this difficult time, she said she feels more plugged in to Kynect that ever before. “There’s never been a better opportunity to get on calls with leaders, with women, or to see business presentations. If you’re new, you have such an amazing opportunity to learn how to do this business the right way.”


On Leadership

There are countless opportunities to grow and excel as a leader within Kynect. Michelle defines leadership as “Showing up, doing the things you want to see others do, and gaining from them.”

Karen added, “If you want to go somewhere with this business, you need to do something. If you don’t do anything, you’re not going to get anything. The most successful people are those who have developed the most leaders.”


Kynection and the Future

With Kynection coming up August 27-29, everyone on the Women of Power Call recommends that Associates make a point of attending. They see Kynection as an opportunity to be truly immersed in an encouraging, positive community, to make connections, and meet other people.

The Women of Power are also excited about the company’s partnerships with Truvvi and Brinks Home Security, and the opportunities that both will soon be bringing to their customers. “Everyone we know – and don’t know – could use this.”

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