The Best Commercial Cleaning & Lawn Care Tips of 2022

You might have an exceptional team in place, but how does your company look on the outside? First impressions count, and your business’s exterior appearance is more important than you may think! That’s why so many businesses are investing in commercial cleaning and lawn care service providers, and why you should as well!

Regular Window Cleaning:
It’s a simple fact: clean entrance windows project a professional business image. Failure to have your windows cleaned regularly can lead to mineral deposits that can permanently stain your windows.
Rather than tackle the task with a cloth and a spray bottle, a smarter avenue for commercial cleanliness is a regular powerwashing. Power washing uses a stream of water to clean off the dirt, dust, and grime all in one easy service. There are so many advantages to going this route: power washing can reach hard to get to windows and places, and there’s no getting on ladders to reach the windows. Also, power washing is good for the environment, since it uses 75% less water than a hose, plus there are no toxic chemicals or sprays used.
If you’re within the 200-mile radius of Kansas City, ALAC Services is a fantastic option for securing commercial window cleaning and power washing! Offering window cleaning, pressure washing, and other home services, commercial spaces across the Midwest truly shine thanks to their hard work.

Landscaping and Lawn Care:

It’s not just about a semi-regular lawn mowing: for an office complex, retail site, or any other commercial property, introducing plantings, hardscape, site amenities, and lighting elements can create an environment that attracts customers as well as employees!

Attractive, well-maintained landscapes automatically signal that you care about your property, and by proxy your brand, which appeals to both potential and existing customers. Landscape also improves employee environment, health, and morale. Outdoor green spaces can be used for lunches, breaks, meetings, and other events, and can often factor into people’s decisions when choosing where to work.

The choice to enhance your business property often brings results that greatly offset the initial investment costs, but don’t go it alone! For outdoor care in Columbia, Missouri, Grizzly Bear Lawn Care is an exceptional choice. From weed prevention to hardscaping projects, their experienced team of lawn care professionals is ready to bring your commercial property’s vision to life.

Trevyn Myers

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