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Brand’s New Dimension in Overseas Marketing: Infinix’s Opto-Electronic Experiment in Malaysia

What’s your fantasy of a smartphone launch event? Imagine facing a colossal naked-eye 3D screen, with the power to control a group of LED light strips spanning 15 meters. The Infinix NOTE 40 series launch event, held at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, transcended traditional boundaries, creating an optical experiment ground for the audience from a fresh perspective of brand’s overseas expansion.

Video Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WARou99IPGs

  1. Unveiling Excellence: The Launch of the Infinix NOTE 40 Series

Infinix, a trendy tech brand crafted for young consumers, is thrilled to announce its exceptional performance in 2023. According to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Infinix has achieved a remarkable milestone in year-on-year increase in units in smartphone shipments, surpassing all other global smartphone brands with an astounding accomplishment of over 13 million units increase. This translates to an impressive growth rate of 64.1% compared to 2022. Infinix is actively pursuing a global strategy, further exploring emerging markets. In March, Infinix  announced the launch of its first self-developed power management chip, the Cheetah X1. The latest Infinix NOTE 40 series is equipped with the brand-new All-Round FastCharge2.0 technology, addressing battery life and power supply issues in various usage scenarios, including social media, outdoor activities, and extended gaming sessions. Thanks to the self-developed chip, All-Round FastCharge2.0 acts as the central information hub, offering optimized charging efficiency management. When electricity flows through the phone, the Cheetah X1 chip eliminates the need for conversion, and intelligent algorithms assess which components need power and distribute it effectively, acting as the brain of the technology. This simplified process enables smartphones to provide charging functions beyond standard mode. 


The launch event of the Infinix NOTE 40 series aims to showcase the outstanding features and performance of the top-tier smartphones to the world. The choice of venue at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia perfectly complements the All-Round FastCharge2.0 technology of the new product. Moreover, the whole event, including mixed reality short films online, is planned and produced by OUTPUT. Combined the latest mixed-reality digital technology with physical scenes, such as naked-eye 3D and interactive light art installations, the launch event allows the audience to experience the power of technology embedded in the product up close and intuitively.

2. Engaging the Future: Creating Unique Brand Narratives Overseas


The Infinix NOTE 40 series, with the core concept of “All-Round FastCharge”, targets Generation Z and millennials. For this demographic, Transsion’s overseas marketing strategy reflects keen insights into market trends and deep understanding of consumer demands, showcased in innovative practices at this launch event.

Today, younger consumers rebel against homogenized aesthetics and standardized commercial logic. As digital natives, they seek unique personal experiences and unique emotional connections with brands. In the conception of the Infinix NOTE 40 series, they are urban elites, harboring aspirations for excellence and changing the world.


To fully mobilize the emotional resonance and identity recognition of the target customers, OUTPUT crafted a full-chain digital content integration solution for the launch event of the Infinix NOTE 40 series, covering curation, offline immersive interactive installations, production of mixed reality short films in four major cities , and comprehensive social media distribution. OUTPUT, with the power of content technology, built a deep emotional interaction between the Infinix NOTE 40 series products and users, conveying and deepening the brand image as the master of electricity.

In terms of overseas marketing, Infinix has adopted a diversified strategy, such as the landing of innovative content technology devices such as mixed reality and naked-eye 3D, providing consumers with immersive cutting-edge technology experiences. This innovative experience not only enhances the brand image but also deepens consumers’ understanding and memory of product features. Take the BIOVOLT installation as an example, participants can intuitively control the rolling lights on the LED light strips using the gravity sensor of the Infinix NOTE 40 smartphone, mobilizing the participation and interest of young consumers. Through emotional and value marketing, a emotional bond between consumers and the brand is established, enhancing brand loyalty.


Since its establishment in New York, OUTPUT has been committed to helping brands going overseas. Based on the creative content quality of global artists and quickly grasp local culture and market demands, OUTPUT helps different brands create distinctive content in international markets, linking unique urban or regional features. With strong creativity and technical capabilities, OUTPUT is able to build unique brand narratives, strengthening user perception, and establishing emotional connections with consumers. Overseas, OUTPUT relies on global resources to amplify the voices of international brands. On the soil of various heterogeneous cultural genes, content and form ferment, digital art is integrated into the real world, and marketing scenes are infinitely expanded with creative value.

The full-chain digital content integration solution created by OUTPUT for the Infinix NOTE 40 series launch event has realized comprehensive brand communication and user interaction. This integrated marketing strategy can more effectively attract and retain consumers’ attention. Through innovative venue selection, technological applications, digital content integration, emotional resonance, localization, and cultural integration, this event also provides valuable reference for the international development of other Chinese companies.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.