Boost Your Brand Through Social Media Engagement

It wasn’t long ago that social media was simply a place for people to socialize online. Today, it’s one of the primary forces in marketing. That said, it’s not enough to put content out into the universe and hope people find it. You can spend hours creating and posting tons of images, videos, links, and articles only to fall short when it comes to achieving likes and shares on social media.

That’s because the mere existence of content isn’t the mark of a successful strategy; to enjoy a fruitful social media marketing campaign, you have to engage your audience. That sounds easy enough, but how exactly do you boost your brand’s engagement in the social sphere?

To begin, you have to know your audience. Sure, this is Marketing 101, but many small business owners don’t realize that each social media platform tends to attract a different demographic. Understanding this will enable you to post the kind of content that is most relevant to the people you are trying to reach.

It’s also important to talk about more than just yourself. After all, no one wants to sit across from someone at the dinner table who never stops talking about themselves. Consumers want to learn about your brand, but they also want to be entertained and informed about related information.

Here’s the real kicker. After you have:

  1. Figured out your audience
  2. Chosen your social media strategy
  3. Created awesome content
  4. Posted it on your pages for the world to see

You then need to create conversations with your audience. Talk to your followers; answer their questions. Engage with them and they’ll do the same with you. If you are interactive, consumers are more likely to make a connection and give your business a chance.

To see just how important social media is to your marketing efforts, check out the accompanying resource.

Author bio: Rebecca Purrington is a Promotional Products Expert with Crestline Custom Promotional Products, a leader in personalized promotional items including custom face masks, company logo pens, wholesale tote bags, and more.  She has more than five years of consultative sales experience in the industry and holds degrees in both Social/Behavioral Sciences and Business Management.

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