Automated Home Kitchen Installers Pay Attention

Besides the latest technology that gives us refrigerators that are voice activated for dispensing ice cubes and stoves that can automatically take the internal temperatures of roasts and cakes and shut themselves off, there is a wealth of new items that make the kitchen not just more convenient but much safer, say the home automation experts at Overkiz.

Traditional smoke alarms are basically a thing of the past, when the kitchen is tiled with heat and particulate monitoring devices that are part of the decor and run on the household current so they never need a battery change. They can detect heat changes of just a few degrees and their particulate monitoring ability allows them to catch the first whiff of overheated grease long before there’s any open flames.

To avoid the disconcerting noise of a regular smoke detector, these new tiles can be programmed to call or text the consumers’ phone first before going off, giving them the chance to keep things quiet in the kitchen while enjoying perfect safety. Another big plus is that kitchens with such equipment will bring lower homeowner’s insurance rates. The latest global home market reports are extensive and well stocked with statistics and information to help buyers, sellers, and contractors make the best decisions possible in this extremely fluid industry.

Blake Cohen

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