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Kevin is a business blogger with a focus on digital marketing and e-commerce. With over 5 years of experience covering the latest trends in the digital business world, Kevin has a reputation for being a knowledgeable, innovative and forward-thinking blogger. He has a keen understanding of the intersection between technology, digital marketing and e-commerce, and is able to explain the latest trends and strategies in a clear, actionable and relatable way.

4 common workplace safety hazards

Safety audits are conducted across the globe by the National Safety council. Each helps them assess potential risks and present hazards to help keep employees from harm. From the data collected in these studies, there are four common safety hazards that employers and employees should be aware of. 1.Working with Heights Heights themselves are hazard. […]

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Marketing: Not Just About Customer Experience

Most businesses are interested in ensuring that the customer experience is a good one that encourages brand loyalty and a loyal customer for life. However, research shows that customer experiences continue to decline, and more and more consumers are frustrated with the customer experience they receive. Numerous studies show that consumers will vote with their […]

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Benefits of ergonomics in the workplace

Workplace challenges that employees face revolve around saving their company money while increasing revenue at the core. That requires productivity, but this critical component is often stifled by a lack of ergonomics in the workplace. Here’s how this simple addition can benefit employees, productivity, and the entire organization.  Reducing Injury While office settings might not […]

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Ways women leaders can change company dynamics

Despite advancements in workplace equality, there remains a severe gender gap between men and women in positions of leadership. Less that 23% of C-suite occupants, or those that report directly to the CEO, are women.  Unfortunately, old stereotypes still remain. What these incorrect assumptions fail to realize is the benefit that women leaders can bring. […]

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Freelancers Guide to Intellectual Property

Working as a freelancer comes with plenty of benefits, but it also produces grey areas that aren’t always easy for entrepreneurs to navigate. Working as an employee for an organization means that all of your work belongs to the employer, but is the same true for freelance work?  Where does the line between intellectual property […]

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Crucial Elements of Startup Success

Taking on a new business venture is an exciting process, but one that pits the success of your startup against the odds. Most startups never make it, which leads many entrepreneurs to seek a competitive edge. Here are the crucial elements of startup success that can help you get a leg up on the competition […]

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