Attention Matters: How A Small Business Can Generate Interest Among Consumers 

A small business encounters a number of challenges during the first few months or even years. Breaking into certain niches of business can seem impossible due to competitors having decades in the industry. Attention matters for all businesses but for a small business, a sudden surge of attention can change the company’s trajectory. Consumers might see a new business and decide to spend their money there. Putting forward the best impression possible can keep the customers coming in time after time. Attention for a business, along with almost perfect customer retention, is a recipe for massive growth. Below will delve into tactics that a small business can use to generate positive attention. 


A small business might not have a massive budget to take out TV and newspaper advertisements. Certain businesses rely on foot traffic, but without signage, customers might not even realize the business is there. Finding a sign company that provides quality signage at affordable rates is important. Even banners can be important if announcing a grand opening of the business.

Signs can even be important when it comes to popup stands at business conventions. You want all printing and signs to be quality, as it directly impacts how a business is perceived. Conventions can be a breeding ground to get deals done and meet potential new partners/clients. Tradeshows are also important when debuting a new product that is sure to change the landscape of an industry. 

Digital Marketing Matters

The company’s website is going to be so important during the infancy of a small business. The business should put its best foot forward in terms of the website’s design. User experience is so important and multiplies in importance when selling directly from the website. 

Local PR will always be important for specific businesses. Creating content to push a PR campaign is one way to do this. Green initiatives can garner favor with consumers along with being a nice PR piece. Local news might pick this up or write a story about a company doing things in the community. Sponsoring an event that is widely publicized can bring recognition to a small business quickly. 

Backlink building can be a bit complex as backlinks come in a number of forms. There are backlinks that are a part of content while others might just be a profile backlink on a site. Relevant backlinks, along with local backlinks, will generate the best results. 

Social media can be such an important aspect of running a small business. The beauty of these platforms is that they can be posted on for free. Promotion of posts is not very expensive if you want a post to get more exposure. Engagement among followers and others in the target demographic drives leads. Traffic to the website can also be a huge benefit of posting on social media on a consistent basis. 

Forums and platforms like Reddit can be quite useful for a small business. Getting outside opinions on various product features can also be important. Keep in mind that Reddit has some of the most critical individuals out there that might give more negative than positive feedback. 

Join A Few Local Small Business Meetup Groups

Business meetup groups can be incredibly useful for small businesses focusing on the B2B sector. Finding potential partners in a social situation can allow for personal rapport to be built. These meetups are not supposed to be sales pitches but rather informing others of what the company offers. Partnerships can also be formed as offering the services of other B2B providers can be profitable. Keep in mind that a partner can help sell services, and your business can profit off of their offers. The sales team of a partner can really drive revenue without any overhead for a small business. 

Sales Materials Must Be Flawless 

Sales materials for potential customers need to be appealing and flawless. Mistakes in printed materials can denote a lack of attention to detail by a small business. Emphasizing the benefits of working with a small business is always important as it can provide a unique personal touch. The sales materials should also be in a digital format so they can be sent by email. Certain customers will want the materials in print for their comfort. 

Small businesses need to do a great job of garnering attention on a budget. Most small companies cannot throw vast amounts of money into simply getting noticed. A concerted effort that is based on data and previous experiences is the best option.

Thomas Editing

Tommy Wyher is the founder of Husky Marketing, a digital marketing and content creation company. Wyher has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies