Alien Og Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

The cannabis market is filled with various strains, and each has a different THC and CBD content, aroma, and flavor. In addition, each features a particular set of effects as well. One of the strain names that can easily catch everyone’s attention is Alien OG. At first, you may think that all the hype is about the name, but it is also about the strains’ quality.

With an intense aroma, it teases users with a hint of incense in the air. The fresh citrus flavor tones down the earthy notes, making for a clean, zesty smoke with a touch of pine.

It isn’t an easy strain to cultivate, but it can be rewarding if treated with care. The plant creates dense buds and plenty of trichomes. The short hardy cultivar enjoys a controlled climate that you can easily create indoors.

This interesting blend may surprise first-time users with its fast-acting properties. Read on if you want to learn all there is to know about the spacey feminized OG Alien seeds

Alien OG feminized seeds description

Alien OG feminized seeds hail from sunny California. The indica dominant hybrid is potent in flavor, aroma, and effects. Pine citrus, combined with herbs, forms a fresh but tangy taste. 

It’s not unpleasant but does lack the sweetness of some other strains. Sour lemon with a hint of incense is what you smell when lighting up on Alien OG blunt. 

If you’re trying to be discreet, this isn’t the right cannabis plant. The aroma is strong and persistent, lingering in the air for a long time. 

The effects are potent, with newbies often getting caught by surprise as to the strains’ intense psychedelic properties. The buds from Alien OG feminized seeds are great for destressing but can be overwhelming in high doses. 

Even though the seeds are feminized, this variant isn’t suitable for novice growers. It takes some experience to bring these beauties to their full potential. They’re picky on the grow medium they flourish in and prefer a climate with constant environmental variables

Alien OG feminized effects 

If you’re in a hurry for a quick boost, then the buds from Alien OG feminized seeds are a perfect choice. From start to finish, the strain’s effects last around 2 hours. 

The CBD is a low <0.2%, but at a THC level of 22–28%, it’s potent and could be overwhelming for first-time users. It’s ideal for a pre-work pick me upper. At the offset, the energetic headrush hits strong, but pretty quickly, it tones down. 

Creativity and happiness creep up, boosting mood and decreasing stress levels. Its psychedelic effects are intense, with cognitive functioning being impaired. The best thing to do is sit on the couch and enjoy the euphoric waves as they come. 

Once the cerebral buzz quietens down, the physical sensations kick in. Used in moderation, users enjoy a boost of energy balanced by relaxation

Overindulging in the buds from Alien OG feminized seeds causes some couchlock and sleepiness. Other common symptoms may include cottonmouth and dry eyes. Combat these by drinking enough fluids and using eye drops. 

Alien OG feminized flavors

Alien OG feminized seeds develop into plants with a strange combination of flavors. Starting with an incense hit, it leaves a tinge of ammonia on exhale

A lemony concoction of peppery citrus is found somewhere in the middle, along with faint herbal undertones. It’s truly an out-of-this-world experience and takes some time to get used to.  

How to germinate Alien OG feminized seeds

The germination of cannabis seeds isn’t a complicated process. You can use several techniques to get the most out of your packet of Alien OG feminized seeds. We take you through the step-by-step instructions for three popular methods below. 

Paper plate and towel technique

This tried and tested method is the paper plate and towel setup. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive to put together. You don’t need much space to get the seeds germinated this way. It’s also scalable, so you can increase the number of plates and towels according to how many seeds you have. 

What you need:

  • Robust paper towels 
  • Filtered or distilled water
  • Paper plates of the same size
  • Tweezers
  • Alien OG feminized seeds


  1. Take a paper towel, wet it, and place it on one of the plates. The towel must be moist but not soaked.
  2. Using the tweezers, position the feminized Alien OG seeds on the wet tissue about 1 inch apart.
  3. Wet the other sheet and place it over the laid-out seeds.
  4. Cover with the second paper plate. 
  5. Put the seed setup in a dark, cool room to germinate. The area should ideally be at 70–85°F.
  6. Check up on them daily and make sure to keep the towels wet. Don’t overwater them or let the towels dry, or your kernels won’t pop.
  7. You’ll start seeing sprouting after about two days, but sometimes it can take as long as ten days. 
  8. If your marijuana seeds don’t sprout after two weeks, you know they were duds. Throw those away because they won’t ever germinate. 
  9. Once you see the tap root pop out, move the seedlings into your prepared grow setup.

Plugs and starter cubes

Pre-prepared starter cubes are another quick and easy way to germinate your feminized Alien OG seeds. They’re a magical nutrient block that contains everything your seeds need to sprout. Purchase a pack and place one seed inside each cube. 

Water them and put them in a dark but warm area to germinate. Within a few days, you’ll see the green taproots pushing out. The cubes are a great starter for coco coir setups, planting directly in soil and hydroponics.

Take note that they usually come in packs of 50, so if you’re only aiming at planting a few seeds, the rest of the blocks will go to waste. Once a pack is open, the contents only last for about two weeks before they’re too dry to use for germinating seeds.  

The water method

This technique is inexpensive and simple. It works best when the setup is stored in a dark place. Marijuana seeds germinate better when there’s less light. 

What you need:

  • Alien OG feminized seeds
  • A glass jar or container large enough for the water and seeds
  • Distilled water at room temperature
  • A fork or a spoon to sink floating seeds


  1. Fill the jar with room temperature water and drop the seeds inside. 
  2. Put the container in a dark room and leave them to soak for a few days.
  3. On the second day, check the seeds and use the fork to sink any floaters to the bottom.
  4. Between one and three days, you’ll see the tap roots sprout.
  5. Once the seeds shoot out their green tendrils, move them into your prepared pots or grow area.

Alien OG feminized seeds grow information

This indica dominant hybrid is simple to cultivate but better suited for more experienced growers. The Alien OG feminized seeds develop into fairly short bushes, reaching a height of 2.5 feet

Due to its short stature, the branches don’t need extra support. The foliage is fairly dense, and you must trim the leaves regularly to ensure proper airflow. The cutting also helps to stimulate the plant to produce more buds.

Even though Alien OG grows sufficiently well outdoors, it does enjoy a controlled environment. Plant the seeds indoors where you can create a stable climate. 

The cultivar is known to have some issues developing a root system, so it’s best to grow the plants in pots using Rockwool. It’s most comfortable in a room at 68–78°F

Keep the relative humidity (RH) between 40 and 50%. The lower RH levels help prevent the growth of molds and other diseases. For the optimum harvest of 15.5–17.5 oz/㎡ indoors, use a Sea of Green setup to create a larger canopy of dense nugs. 

Outside, the crops benefit greatly from regular sunlight but plant your Alien OG feminized seeds in soil that drains well. The strain doesn’t like soggy ground, and your expected outdoor crop yields are around 17.5–21.5 oz/plant. 

Alien OG feminized seeds genetics

Alien Kush x Tahoe OG Kush are the two strains that make up the genetics of Alien OG feminized seeds. The mix produced a variant that rewards growers with dense buds and an abundance of trichomes. 

Alien Kush brings creativity and energy to its half of the blend. In contrast, Tahoe OG packs out the strong aroma with effects of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. A pretty potent combination that makes Alien OG truly stand out as a fast-acting strain that completes the experience within 2 hours. 

Where to buy Alien OG feminized seeds 

When you’re ready to purchase your feminized Alien OG seeds, you’ll discover that there are several options available. Before going out to shop, make sure that your state allows the purchase of seeds, as this will determine where you can buy them.

If it’s legal in your area, then you can get your cannabis seeds at a walk-in dispensary. The advantage is that you can talk to someone directly. However, many stores have a very limited variety of seeds available, so you might not find what you’re looking for. 

One disadvantage is that the salesperson may know certain strains, but they’re unlikely to understand each variant in detail. Any advice you get could be biased depending on what the person knows. 

An alternative to physical stores is to go shopping online. The eCommerce shops stock a wide variety of strains in different pack sizes. A bonus is you don’t even have to leave your house to get your Alien OG feminized seeds. You can choose your seeds, pay, and you’ll get your packs delivered discreetly to your location. 

Whether you shop online or go into a physical store, make sure you do your homework. Read up on the suppliers and find out if their customers were satisfied with the quality of the product and the service.  

As a premium provider of marijuana seeds, Homegrown Cannabis Co ticks all the right boxes. They have excellent prices, lots of specials, and BOGO deals, with fast delivery right to your door. 

Other benefits you can expect when buying Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds include:

  • Comprehensive information on strains and variants
  • Online forums and discussions 
  • Secure payment portal
  • Excellent after-sales support
  • Guides and instructions on various growing techniques
  • A germination guarantee on their seeds

Using a reputable supplier such as Homegrown guarantees that you get top-quality feminized Alien OG seeds. If your seeds are premium quality, it’ll result in higher germination rates and healthier crops.  

A psychedelic punch from outer space

Alien OG feminized seeds grow into a strain with properties that deliver what’s promised. You may imagine you’re spaced out with the potent punch that this cultivar releases. 

Psychedelic at heart, the strain gives users a cerebral buzz, coupled with happiness and serious relaxation. A quick working blend, it’s great for an early morning boost before taking on the day.

Strong aromas precede equally intense flavors of citrus and pine. The peppery hints only add to the alien charm of the blend. Smokers will find the flavors are heavy and sit on the tongue for some time.

Not an ideal starter seed for inexperienced growers. The plants need a knowledgeable touch to reach their full potential. Heavy with trichomes, the bushes do best in controlled environments. Even though it’s tricky to cultivate, the rewards are worth it. 
Pop over to Homegrown Cannabis Co today to get your premium Alien OG feminized seeds. Their fast delivery times will have you planting these babies in no time. With patience and TLC, you’ll soon be enjoying a space trip with Alien OG’s trippy psychedelic effects.

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