Advice and tips on picking the top lawyers

Every year thousands of people are injured in accidents or incidents which were not their fault. Some happen on the road – involving drivers, passengers, pedestrian, or a faulty vehicle; others take place in public or work spaces, where things like wet floors, unsafe carpeting, and damaged sidewalks are the perfect storm for slips, trips and falls. There are plenty more places where you can be hurt despite doing nothing wrong, from medical malpractice in hospitals and clinics to injuries caused by a product purchased in good faith.


The only realistic way to get the compensation you deserve after experiencing a personal injury of any kind is to hire a lawyer who deals with this type of case, but don’t settle for just anyone, instead, for the best possible outcome look for the top injury lawyers in your state. Take a look at these tips on how to find and secure such a person.


Ask for personal recommendations

This is only useful if you happen to have a friend or contact who has had a similar experience and can recommend someone who got them a great result. If you don’t have anyone to ask it’s still worth looking at online reviews, but they obviously carry less weight as you don’t actually know the people who wrote them.


Look for a personal injury solicitor with both extensive experience and relevant qualifications

Top injury lawyers gain that status by securing excellent outcomes in the majority of, the cases they take on, and they should be willing to share statistical information on this topic with you. It would be unrealistic to expect any lawyer to have a 100% success rate, but a top lawyer would also not promise the earth to a potential client with a weak case.


Lawyers undergo a lengthy and intense period of training, and further study in the field of personal injury is not compulsory for them to practice. However, it makes sense that a top lawyer would have taken that extra step regardless, and gained a specialist personal injury qualification because they are fully committed to the work they do; so that is something to ask about when you contact a law firm.


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A top lawyer has access to a lot of resources

Lawyers generally take on personal injury cases on a ‘no win-no fee’, or contingency basis. This means that if you win the claim the legal bill is paid from the damages received, but if you lose there is no fee to pay. A lawyer needs to invest a serious amount of cash and time in a case to secure a safe win – spending on costs to cover things like evidence collection and specialist witnesses who could come from any number of relevant fields.


A great lawyer has the authority to access company coffers to fund these expenses which really strengthen your case. The very fact that they are willing to spend cash like that reveals the faith they have in a successful outcome for you both.



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