A Guide to Setting Up an International School

If you are in the field of education and you see a gap in the market where you live, you could set up your own international school, and while this is possible, a lot of preparation and funding would be required. It is important to note that in order to accept students into your new school, you will need to obtain a licence from the Ministry of Education of your home country and that will be quite a complex process. If you have a solid background within education, this will stand you in good stead, while you will need to hire an experienced school principal to direct the school.

None English Speaking Country

Thailand, for example, is the perfect location for an international school, as many Thai families wish to have their children educated at an English-speaking school such as https://www.standrewsgreenvalley.com/, which is a great model for anyone who is looking to create a prestigious international school. There are quite a few international schools in and around Bangkok that cater for the children of working expats and the middle-class Thai families, who wish their children to have the best education.

Building the School

Of course, you will need a large plot of land to build a school and to house the many amenities such a school should have, such as:

  • Swimming pool
  • Sports fields
  • Computer Classroom
  • Canteen
  • Playgrounds

Such a large project would likely require several investors and after a detailed costing has been carried out, you will know how much capital is required and by setting your term fees, you can calculate the minimum number of students to break even. It takes a few years for a new school to gain a reputation and this should be a very long-term project with a view to establishing a brand that will live on for many generations and if you introduce your children to the business at an early age, you will have someone to hand over to when you are ready to retire.

Forging an Alliance

In order for your school to have a good reputation from day one, you can come to an agreement with an already successful private school in the UK, and with their help and their sponsorship, you have a lot of credibility, which is essential. Click here for tips when searching for a digital marketing agency, which you will need at some point.

Hiring Teachers

If you are planning to deliver the UK National Curriculum, you should hire qualified UK teachers, offering 2-3 year contracts. You will have to offer an attractive package to entice top teachers, which would include a higher than usual salary, free accommodation and housing, plus the teachers will expect health insurance during their stay.

It is important to define the school’s direction by writing a mission and vision statement, which will guide the school as you strive for excellence. You will need an experienced marketing professional to present your package to potential parents and, of course, the key person is the school principal, which you might be thinking of taking on.