A guide on designing a well optimised wordpress website

The speed at which your website loads determines how successful it is going to be. Unfortunately, if your website is slow, your visitors will leave in droves. The visitors will either close the page completely or hit the back button. In addition, a fast loading website will translate to a higher search engine ranking.  In fact, users who transform their websites into a faster design register an increase in search engine crawler visits. Luckily, konstruct digital designed our wordpress website and ensured that it was loading fast. Below, we will look at the tips for designing a well optimized wordpress website. They include:

Choose the right hosting plan

The first step in optimising your wordpress site is choosing the right hosting plan. However, what you should look out for is a server that process HTTP requests in the shortest time possible. That will quicken website loading process and thus raise its ranking on search engine. Therefore, it is important to not only go for companies with fast server response but also, a plan that is well powered. In addition, it is advisable to avoid shared hosting plans as those are usually slow. This is because; the package involves hundreds of websites being hosted on the same server.  

Install a fast wordpress theme

Choosing a wordpress theme that is either coded wrongly or loaded with photos will add unnecessary weight on your page, especially if you don’t know how to install wordpress in the first place. In fact, some wordpress themes are so heavy that they add some more seconds to the page’s loading time.  Therefore, it is wise to choose a wordpress theme that has been optimised for application on desktop, mobile and tablets.

Monitor your Plugins

Before you install any Plugin on your wordpress site, it is imperative to ask yourself whether the said Plugin is really necessary for the normal operation of the site. This is because; Plugins are one the main causes of slow wordpress sites. The more Plugins you have, the more likely that your wordpress site will become slow.  

Empty your trash

WordPress introduced a trash feature that stores all media items, messages and content that users have deleted from their site. From here, users can choose to either delete this content permanently or restore it into the site. Trash feature is important for it prevents users from accidentally deleting important things from their site. Unfortunately, trash can take unnecessary room in your database.  Therefore, it is important to delete trash so as to free your system of unnecessary load. This can make your wordpress site faster.

Reduce draft and post revisions

Anything you do on your site is stored on a database. As a result, it is advisable to delete all junk comments, draft, pingbacks and revisions from database to free it up. This is because; such data eat a lot of space on the database thereby making your site slow. If you can reduce all these, your wordpress site will be able to both load and respond fast.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.