A Beginner’s Guide to Start a House-Flipping Business in Orlando

The house-flipping business has been gaining popularity. So if you are thinking of doing it too, read our guide to gather some basic knowledge to start!

No doubt why Orlando is one of the top choices of investors to start a house-flipping business. With the growing population and thousands of people moving in over the years, Orlando creates a new business opportunity for the house-flipping businessmen. 

Most importantly, beginner flippers find Orlando a blooming city because the real-estate prices are comparatively lower than other big cities. With many opportunities comes the need for knowledge of starting the business. 

So, if you are one of those newbie investors looking forward to investing in a house-flipping in Orlando, we have the right guide to help you.

Steps to Start a House-Flipping Business

  1. Make a Business Plan

The first and foremost thing a wise businessman or investor does is to make a business plan. In your business plan, you must include your action plans, finances, chosen locations, competitors, possible risks, etc., required for a flipping business. The plan should be undoubtedly in-depth and flawless. 

So, if you cannot write one, hire a professional to do it for you. The business plan should also have your expected earnings and details of your targets and goals. Working according to the plan will prove more effective.  

2. Do a Market Research

Since you have chosen Orlando as your house-flipping business city, we are sure that you have done basic research on the real estate market. Once you have chosen the city, it is time to look out for a suitable neighborhood to invest in. Properties in neighborhoods with great schools, nearby grocery markets, and great commercial aspects will have higher prices. 

Without proper market research, you will end up investing in properties in the wrong neighborhood, resulting in massive losses. You can take information from the internet or hire a realtor for the research.   

3. Find a Secured and Trusted Funding 

The flipping business requires a fat bank balance, and we hope you know this. However, new investors struggle with the funding procedure even if the other criteria match. So, if you are new to this business and face funding issues, you can select from a few funding options for flipping investors. 

For example, you can take loans by applying for funds from a bank. While doing this, make sure you learn about all the interest payments, terms, and fees beforehand. If you are not happy with any criteria, you can switch to another bank.  

4. Network with Professionals and Contractors

The house flipping business is not a piece of cake, especially for the first time. House-flipping businesses have a never-ending loophole of knowledge that requires constant inspection. Therefore, to keep up-to-date about the market price, demands, risk factors, etc., you need to network with professionals who have been in this business for a long time. 

The expert doesn’t have to be from Orlando. You can network with any of your family members or friends in this business or a real estate agent near you for primary knowledge.

Look for professionals in Orlando that can assist you if you need to sell an old property and are wondering how I can Sell My House Fast without renovating. Some reputable firms provide immediate cash for old houses, allowing you to sell your home quickly without having to spend additional funds on modifications.

5. Obtain Insurance

Obtaining insurance before starting a house-flipping business is a must for newbies. The insurance will cover everything required to protect your real estate, from small injuries and fire on assets to legal defense. Since the newbie investors won’t have much finance to cope with these losses, insurance is necessary. Regular home insurance is not meant for covering real-estate assets; rather, you should go for general liability insurance. 

Before picking an insurer, make sure you know every insight and detail about them, their history, and work.    

6. Collect Information About the City

As a newbie investor in Orlando or in general, you only know that the city has many opportunities for flipping business. However, how much do you know about the city and its neighborhood? The property standards, height limits, pricing, etc., vary from place to place. So before you start the business, go visit a few neighborhoods where you want to start flipping, collect information about the place and shortlist the best one. 

Sometimes the internet may not provide you with updated and authentic information. You can take your agent along as they have vast exposure to identify all the small details.   

7. Get License and Permits

It’s not unknown to anyone that one requires a business license and other legal documents to pursue a business. If you are going for the flipping business in Orlando, you must have a business license and permits according to Florida’s policies. Even if you have a license from another state, it may not work here. Sit with your business attorney to consult regarding any legal procedures and formalities you need to go through before starting the flipping business. 

8. Make a Team

No matter how strong your business knowledge is, a house-flipping business is not a one-man business. It requires a qualified and knowledgeable team to make you win the business over. You alone cannot move ahead as it requires many responsibilities to undertake. From a contractor and real estate agent to an insurer and advisor, pick every member wisely. 

When the team is set, your business will run all organized from the beginning. We are not guaranteeing massive profits within a few days, but at least you have an expert hand to hold when things seem unusual for you.  

9. Start Your Business 

Now that you are done with everything above, from choosing a location, making the team, to completing all the paperwork, it is time to head up and start your house-flipping business. 

After you have purchased the property, start renovating as required. List it in the market for buyers and make your first sales. But to be a successful real estate investor, you have to be patient as you may or may not see sales every time you list. 

Final Thought

Although it took us only nine steps to show you how to start a flipping business, it is not as easy as it seems. You need to invest a lot of time in getting to know the business, going through legal formalities, and assigning a team before you start a business. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.