9 Attractive Business Ideas for the Introverted Entrepreneur

Experts estimate that 50 to 74% of the world’s population are extroverts. This type of personality is great for entrepreneurship, as it’s suited for fast-paced environments and social situations.

But what if you’re in the minority? Can you still be a successful entrepreneur? Of course, you can!

If you’re an introverted entrepreneur, here are 9 attractive business ideas for some inspiration.

1. Coding

If you’ve got some coding skills, you can make a killing starting up your own small coding business. Coders are high in demand, so this means you can set your own terms. Work for home while still bringing in a handsome income.

What if you don’t have any coding skills? Believe it or not, you can still get a prospective career in coding.

There are plenty of free resources online where you can teach yourself to code. So as long as you have the willpower, you can learn and gain the necessary skills to become an expert developer.

2. Graphic Design

Many companies now outsource their graphic design, especially since many are moving to mainly digital or digital-only. You can easily find a steady stream of clients if you offer solid services in this area. All you have to do is register as a sole proprietorship and bam, you have your own graphic design company!

If you don’t have any prior experience in graphic design, this is another skill you can teach yourself. While you’ll need to pay for and be familiar with software like Photoshop and Illustrator, you’ll also need to have an eye for graphics. 

You can specialize in the type of graphic design you do too, some people may concentrate on designing leaflets for small businesses while some go into digitizing old photos or photo restoration. If you can find a niche you can become more profitable and be more in demand.

3. Writing

The best thing about writing is if you have a knack for it, you don’t need a degree to do it. Sure, you’ll need to have the basics of grammar and spelling down, but those skills are honed throughout your lifetime, especially if you’ve graduated from university.

Businesses duke it out on the top search results through SEO (search engine optimization). Because of this, they hire copywriters to fill their sites with blog articles that help them rank better. As a result, there’s a huge market out there for you to exercise your writing skills and collect yourself some clients.

Like with graphic design, you can register yourself as a sole proprietorship to get your business off the ground.

4. Online Tutoring

If you’re an introvert who loves to share their knowledge with others, then creating an online tutoring company can be a great way to indulge in your passion while earning some money.

Since you control the number of students you take on, you can put on sessions that you’re comfortable with. Most will be one-on-one, so you won’t have to deal with social interactions with multiple people, all at once.

5. Online Art Sales

Do you have a hobby such as painting, sewing, knitting, or crocheting? Then you can turn that into a lucrative business, especially if you’re quick at what you do!

For example, many freelance seamstresses earn a pretty penny from cosplay costume commissions. Or you can design and crochet cute stuffed animals that’ll have online communities scrambling to purchase them from you.

Not only do you get to create something truly unique for their customers, but you also get to build up a fruitful company.

6. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that’s exploded in popularity over the last decade. Bitcoin miners unlock new currency into the market by running algorithms to solve and link the transactional blocks. They’re then rewarded with a small portion of this currency.

If you have the computer power to do Bitcoin mining, this can be a rewarding job. The only problem is because the currency is so volatile, you may profit amazingly in one week and make almost nothing the next. Because of this, you may not want to make Bitcoin mining your only source of income.

7. eCommerce Store

Running an eCommerce store is very similar to a brick and mortar one, so if you have experience in that, you should be a natural at this. Of course, there are aspects to eCommerce that aren’t present in brick and mortar stores (such as web design and online marketing).

But so long as you understand supply and demand, and the market you’re in, it should be relatively easy to rake in money in your chosen niche.

If you have a physical office, it’s entirely possible to work alongside extroverts. In fact, this can enable you to take your business to a higher level, since you’ll have a different point of view.

Visit the site from Maris to learn more about introvert/extrovert workplace designs.

8. Niche Blogging

Are you well-versed in an area that’s less understood by the general public? Then you stand a chance to turn this into a golden opportunity.

You can position yourself as a thought leader in your industry by putting up a professional website offering your opinions and advice. You’ll get noticed soon enough by businesses that need your expertise. You can then start writing blogs for them at premium prices.

9. Translating

Working as a translator can garner you many opportunities you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Obviously, the more languages you speak fluently, the better your work chances.

While translating opportunities aren’t as abundant for people who speak only English, there are still some out there if you look in the right places. For example, you can consider freelance positions that ask for simple translations from PowerPoint slides. You can always use free translation programs and use common sense to piece together acceptable and understandable translations. 

Succeed as an Introverted Entrepreneur

While you may not have an extroverted personality, it’s still highly possible to succeed as an introverted entrepreneur. Just take the above ideas we’ve given you and use them to create a popular and prosperous business!

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.