8 Useful Healthcare Apps For Patients

A hospital visit a couple of years ago would have brought to mind thoughts of a drab and lifeless waiting area, long lines, anxious patients, and grim faces of the sick.

However, things have changed dramatically in the last several years, largely due to the expanding healthcare app market introduced by the mobile development business. We may say that healthcare applications have been the driving force behind the industry’s transformation and reversal of its current state.


Generally speaking, there are three types of health apps:

  • Apps that help us track our food intake, monitor our sleep and manage our stress levels.
  • Apps that provide virtual patient care by licensed doctors using telemedicine services.
  • Health monitoring apps, such as those that can help people keep track of their own health concerns such as heart disease.

Is there anything in common between them? They help us in our efforts to live longer, healthier lives!

Best Healthcare Apps for You

There’s an app for everything these days, no matter what your interests are. Here are a few of the top health and fitness apps for 2022.


In addition to on-demand doctor appointments, Amwell provides a variety of other services via its mobile app or website.

The Amwell app can be downloaded for free, however some of the company’s services are paid. Individuals with health insurance that covers Amwell’s services, on the other hand, may only be required to pay a reduced or non-existent fee.

Amwell can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week for common illnesses and problems that don’t require a trip. Logging onto either the app or website connects you to a list of Amwell’s network of board-certified. 

The medical professionals in Amwell are available to answer inquiries, make treatment recommendations, and even write prescriptions if needed.


The Heal app’s goal is to make house calls more accessible and affordable through the use of technology and low fees.

Schedule house calls with a doctor using the Heal app for a variety of services. It costs $159 per appointment for individuals without insurance, while those with insurance normally pay the same amount as their founder. 

The team of doctors is equipped to deal with a wide range of conditions, from the acute to the preventative, including viral and bacterial infections and rashes, as well as children’s health issues such as flu vaccinations and physicals.

Heal provides healthcare to 130 million people throughout 11 states.

3. Marham.pk

Marham – Find a doctor has made it possible to provide better treatment and care than what was before available in Pakistan. In order to alleviate the stress on healthcare personnel, such application connect doctors with patients in need.

links patients with board-certified clinicians through phone, text, or video call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result of the use of such application, doctors can learn about their patients’ medical conditions and prescribe them digitally (if required).

Medicine can be delivered within 24 hours to Marham app customers at the most affordable rates. Entering the names of your prescription medications into the app’s form is all it takes to get your order. Book your lab tests at affordable rates from Pakistan’s leading laboratories using the Marham app.


It can be difficult to find time to meet with a mental health expert if you have a busy schedule. It’s the mission at Talkspace to make finding the right therapist for your needs as simple as possible by connecting you with a nationwide network of certified therapists.

There’s a questionnaire that covers your needs, choices, goals and more before you begin working with a therapist. You can choose from among various therapists who are recommended by the app (or request more options be sent your way).

You and your therapist meet in a virtual therapy room that can be accessed from your mobile device or your computer’s web browser at any time. Outside of sessions, you’re allowed to text your therapist up to five times a week.

5.Hello Heart

This Apple Watch app makes checking your blood pressure and diabetes an enjoyable and relaxing exercise because it records your vital indicators directly from your wrist as you go about your day-to-day activities.

It also explains what your numbers imply and how you’re doing, so you know what to tell your primary care provider if and when it’s essential.

You can monitor your blood pressure, glucose, and activity levels in addition to your blood pressure.

6. Maven

Maven is a “digital clinic” that focuses on women’s and families’ physical and mental health. With Maven, women may communicate with medical specialists via video chats and private messages to get help with general health concerns, diet and physical therapy and mental wellness, pregnancy and postpartum care for their family as well as pediatric health care.

In remote areas where in-person care options are limited, needing to bring the kids along to a face-to-face session, or simply putting self-care on the back burner in favor of the family’s needs, virtual visits are a solution. For about $18 each appointment, Maven’s digital clinic offers more economical care than most face-to-face appointments covered by insurance.


This app can assist you in keeping track of your food intake and determining which nutrients you may be lacking. It’s like keeping a food diary, due to its simple-to-use monitoring database, which automatically pulls up.

Additionally, users may establish their own personal objectives, and the app will offer suggestions and even send reminders.

There’s also a place for you to connect with others who share your interests.


It’s like having a “virtual pillbox” on your phone, and Medisafe reminds you to take your medication. Prescriptions from major drugstore chains like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens can be imported, or you can add prescriptions.

Aside from tracking refills and measures, the app can also provide information on your medical condition.


The services provided by most personal health applications are not clinical in nature, making them more of a form. If you’re using a medical healthcare apps, remember that it’s there to support your primary care. You should seek immediate medical help if you are experiencing a significant medical or mental health crisis.

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