8 Unique Ways to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Who doesn’t know and use Facebook nowadays? As a continuously growing social network, Facebook has developed not only as a the choice platform for reaching out to and connecting with family and friends near and far but also as the go-to marketing tool for most business owners.

What Are the Best Ways to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business? 

As the go-to marketing platform for business, however, means that you will have hundreds and thousands of rivals on Facebook. To guarantee that you are reaching as many of your target audiences as possible and your revenue stream will continue to grow despite your competition, you will have to use unique Facebook marketing strategies such as the following:

1. Use a Personal Profile for Business Promotion

In reality, you can’t directly use a personal Facebook profile for marketing purposes. However, you can certainly use it to share news and insights about your business. You can also share links to your Facebook page and posts.

facebook profile for business

2. Comment on Popular Facebook Business Pages

Many small business owners are hesitant to check out or stalk other business pages. However, it can actually be beneficial for you to visit the pages of the biggest companies in your niche every now and then. Why? Because doing so will allow you to learn of their effective marketing strategies, interact with fellow users, and get more chances to promote your own Facebook page. Talk about killing three birds with just one stone. Here is an additional tip: when making a comment on a popular Facebook page, be sure to comment using your business name and not your personal name.

3. Start a Group

If your business has something to do with networking (i.e., if it’s about membership sites, offers a referral program, or allows resellers), then you should consider starting a private group. Through your group, you can share insider tips, additional lessons, extra deals, or the like. It will be the perfect place for you to get closer to your clients and gather pertinent data for your business and product development plans. Here is a tutorial on how to create a facebook group


4. If you have the budget, Create Ads for Your Page

Yes, you can create ads for your Facebook page, and yes, it will cost you some money. However, you should focus more on what you will get in return—more followers and higher chances of getting targeted leads and sales. Of course, to get optimum results, you need to add an enticing image and persuasive copy with a call-to-action to your advertisement.

5. Make Notes

Notes are not exactly the kind of thing that Facebook users often check out. Nonetheless, there are still some good reasons why you should make one. First, it can serve as a sort of FAQ section for your business page. Second, you can use it to provide more comprehensive information to your readers. Last, you can use it to link to your website and other social media pages (do not forget to include those same links on your About section and occasionally on your posts, too).

6. Start Facebook Events

Probably the most effective way to connect with your customers is to meet them face-to-face by creating Facebook events. That said, you ought to organize small events relevant to your business (e.g., workshop or seminar), and use Facebook to invite people to come to your event with their family, friends, and even kids (depending on your niche, of course).

facebook event

7. Utilize Apps

Facebook lives and makes money on apps, so why can’t you? There are numerous Facebook apps that can help you grow your business. Here are just some of them:

  •  Tabmaker Welcome for creating a custom “Welcome!” page
  •  Wildfire for hosting contests and giveaways
  • SurveyMonkey for starting polls and interviews

8. Produce Videos

Sometimes, words are simply not enough to get people hooked. That is exactly why you should create videos on a regular basis (e.g., once a month). Your videos can feature Qs&As (with questions coming from your fans), business updates, and promotions. For professional look use one of these free software for video editing to color grade your Facebook videos. Upload your videos on YouTube before shareing on Facebook, and you are sure to increase your views and business reach.

Facebook is one of the most effective marketing weapons you can ever have. However, to succeed and flourish with this platform, you must be observant, up-to-date, and always be willing to learn. Start growing your business with the Facebook methods I shared with you today, learn more about Facebook marketing, and continue to expand your business with strategies that are proven to work.

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