8 Ideas Dealerships Should Try to Increase End of the Year Sales

The automotive industry is becoming competitive every day. Attracting new customers can be challenging in the absence of a proper marketing strategy. The objective of every business is to make as many sales as possible and expand.

No dealership would want to cross over to a new year with much unsold stock. That’s why many of them try as much as possible to clear sales by the end of the year. But how do you increase your end-of-the-year sales?

1. Start a Free Car Wash

While it may appear simple, introducing a free car wash can attract more customers to your business and boost sales. Human beings are naturally attracted to free things. Offering a free car wash to each customer that brings their vehicle is a great idea to increase end-of-year sales. Once customers get used to the service, they are likely to come back and even refer other people.

2. Ticket Raffle Incentives

Ticket raffle is not a new concept. It is a great marketing strategy that is often used by dealerships around the world. This is because raffle tickets are exciting. No one doesn’t like the idea of winning the latest Apple gadget in the market or a big-screen TV.

3. Sponsor and Host Local Events

This is another great way of increasing end-of-year sales. By sponsoring events, dealerships will not only increase trust with the community but also create awareness about their products and services. Additionally, dealerships can transform and attract a huge number of prospective customers by hosting free events.

4. Offer Free Gift Cards with Test Drives

There’s nothing that excites car shoppers like test drives. One of the best ways to boost your end-of-year sales is to attract customers by offering gifts and test drives.

5. Run a Tax Return Promotion

The tax season can be a great opportunity for car dealers to boost their sales. This is because it is a period when many people have a lot of disposable income. The best way to attract customers during this time is to run a tax return promotion. This will encourage them to make a down payment on a vehicle of their choice and clear the balance later.

6. Referral Incentives

Word-of-mouth referrals are some of the most effective marketing strategies for car dealerships. Other than being cost-effective, word-of-mouth referrals create a positive interpretation of a business. They tend to develop and nurture brand loyalty.

7. Holiday Season Incentives

Christmas Day and New Year are some of the holidays you can take advantage of to promote your business. This is a time when most customers are looking for discounts and other deals. Use the holiday season to come up with bonus incentives such as free at-home delivery or test driving.

8. Offer Free Gas

Offering free gas to clients who buy vehicles at the end of the year is another great tactic to promote sales. Such promotion will set your dealership apart from your competitors and attract more customers.

Brett Sartorial

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