8 Business Ideas For Teens & Young Adults

From what age is it possible to start your first business? 

Can young people develop a profitable business? 

What are some of the trends in business creation with young entrepreneurs?

There are many examples of businesses powered by ambitious and daring young entrepreneurs, so why not you?

The desire to participate actively in professional life in a framework combining passion and independence is increasingly competing with the traditional model of entering the job market. Just like many stay-at-home parents want to be active, so do their kids.

For these young people, the awareness of a changing world favoring the spirit of initiative, creativity and agility, is a tremendous source of motivation.

According to MotivationPing.com, many young people feel a gap between classical learning and their expectations linked to the desire to build the world of tomorrow. Many students are struggling to find motivation in their education but are highly motivated when running their own business because they can see the fruits of their labor.

Even if some industries do not allow as much flexibility for youth, it is however possible to create your business completely autonomously as early as 12 years old. There are even organizations that provide support for these adventurous youth. If specific support systems for young people exist, it will be necessary to make sure that you find the original and promising idea on which to build your business.

Many sectors of activity lend themselves particularly well to the desire to undertake young people. “With all of the technological advancements and access give to young people, starting a business when you are a youth is now easier than ever” suggests Sam Miller from Parenting Teenagers Academy. Between all of the potential possibilities, the choice is wide and the innovations offer attractive prospects for the most motivated.

If you are under the age of 24 and want to get started, here are eight ideas for starting a business that could inspire you.

1) Become an influencer on social networks

Influencer on social networks is a profession in strong development. This requires an excellent sense of communication, marketing knowledge and a good command of the digital domain to hope to reach a sufficiently large and committed audience, in order to attract profitable partnerships.

2) Create a communication agency

If you are creative and comfortable with communication, the idea of ​​founding a multidisciplinary agency could be judicious. Many companies neglect or underestimate the importance of their brand image in their marketing strategy. A 360 ° approach taking charge of corporate identity as well as daily communication could prove to be an interesting service to offer, whatever the size of the company.

3) Develop an ecological project

To aim for long-term sustainability, it is important to take ecological issues into account in your development strategy. The idea of ​​creating an ecological business is a trend more promising than ever. It is also possible to offer goods and services in B to B to support entrepreneurs already in activity towards an eco-responsible approach.

4) Go into social entrepreneurship.

The social utility is another major issue in society today and tomorrow. We are talking about social innovation, or even inclusive businesses. Companies that put forward their ethical values ​​and their responsible and civic approach, for example in terms of recruitment, compensation and well-being at work, contribute to a more equitable economy.

5) Open a food concept store.

If there is one promising field which is constantly renewing itself, it is that of gastronomy.

Whether the culinary approach is traditional or innovative, the places of sale or tasting know how to offer visitors unique experiences. The customer experience in the gastronomy sector is a central element. Offer a unique and immersive experience by unveiling a breathtaking concept store!

6) Design a line of eco-responsible products.

From sneakers in fair trade fabric to fashion accessories in recycled plastic, there is no shortage of eco-responsible business ideas. Use your creativity and draw inspiration from timeless trends in order to gain a strong brand identity that can be applied endlessly.

7) Develop an innovative application or product.

If you have a concept in mind, why not develop an all-in-one smartphone application or an innovative connected product?

8) Create a range of vegan products.

The growth rates of vegan product sales are around 80% per year: at this rate, the niche could quickly become a mass market. Why not enjoy it ? Get creative and start your own vegan brand.

Brett Sartorial

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