7 ways to get your blogger outreach back on track

The definition of marketing has not been limited to just sales as it was once before. Today it is one term which has many meanings which briefly includes the strategies of driving traffic, engaging audiences, boosting your SEO, developing relationships with new customers, strengthening the relationship with old customers, creating opportunities, and of course, connecting people to your brand. You do all of this to establish yourself as an industry leader. In simpler words, you do all of this for more exposure.

And well, there’s no comparison of a stellar blogging outreach campaign if you are aiming at exposure!

Irrespective of your scale of operation, blogging outreach campaigns can do wonders for your organization and you know that. That is the reason why we have enlisted a few pointers to keep you ahead of this game.

1.     Follow a Routine

You must have definitely heard someone say this once in your lifetime. But what’s the harm in repeating good things? A defined routine for your entire day can help you achieve success even in the minuscule tasks – say, for instance, a diet for weight loss. So, for every blogger outreach campaign you partake, sit down with your team and decide on the tasks you need to do, for instance, reach out to well-recognized bloggers, send them itches and so on. This will help you gauge more efficiency with less time consumption. If this is getting too much, consider a project management tool for scheduling the tasks.

2.     Research, research, and research

Believe me, good research is half the work done. Before you plan any step ahead with your blogger outreach campaign you must be crystal clear about some of the aspects say, the product that you want to market, what problem does it solve, and most importantly, the audience that you wish to target. A competition research will give you the desired edge you are looking for. You can also look into the blogs/forums/magazines your audience is interested in, the kind of content that attracts them the most, etc. The goal is to find material to alleviate your program. Ahrefs can prove to be the most useful here.

3.     Your organization skills must be on point

Organization skills are imperial in management, so is it in blogger outreach. But it is slightly different. Your blogger outreach program is composed of a few important but tedious jobs for instance research, writing emails, finding guest post titles and so on. So, if your work composition falls, the entire campaign cripples. If you take up one entire task for the whole day all on your shoulders, you are bound to lose concentration. Here’s what you can do about it – mix it up! Yes, break the monotonous routine with some other tasks. It will keep you interested alongside not allow the quality-drop in your performance.

4.     Set rules and discuss it with your team

A blogger outreach campaign is a short-term campaign. It is long enough for your teammates to lose track if you don’t have a particular goal in mind. Before the email starts rolling out, decide on some common terms – like, what kind of sites do you wish to target, what metrics will qualify them to your post, how many guest posts will you let out every month and so on. Make sure your entire team is familiar with these rules to avoid any confusion in the way ahead.

5.     Don’t work alone

Apart from the freelancers and a remote team, if you are in an office – don’t isolate yourself to work. Instead, interact, communicate, and brainstorm. Digital campaigns like blogging outreach are all about creativity and constant interaction with your coworkers will help you gauge new out-of-the-box ideas. Your conversations need not be restricted to just work, sometimes initiate a casual conversation about food or Netflix also – it will help your teammates develop trust and belongingness. You are all in this together working towards the same goal, so keep them in the loop at all times.

6.     Let your creative side unfold

Today, everyone is conducting intensive blogger outreach programs. So, what sets you apart? This question will give you an answer – why will the editors chose your content to (re)publish over your competitors? If you have an answer to this, there’s no looking back. And if you don’t, think outside of the box, give them something that has never been done before, something that sets you apart from all the other mails that the editor must be receiving every day. Don’t restrict your creative side and see the magic unravel. Include GIfs, interesting quizzes, infographics, or quote posters in your mail copies. Not everyone is doing this and you can take advantage of it. Canva can be a great tool to help you play with your creative spirit.

7.     Use the best of tools

In today’s era of digitalization, you have a list of new tools out there to help you with practically everything. So, pick the best blogging outreach tool and get to work prepared to fight the toughest in the field. Keep yourself updated with the launch of the new tools, even if it costs an additional penny. I promise, if put-to-use correctly, every penny spent will reap you a higher RoI. Again the list of tools is endless but Buzzsumo remains the constant winner in every list of blogger outreach tools. Like other things in life, your effort and hard work are directly proportional to your results. So keep working hard, the results are making its way to you.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.