7 Must-Know SEO Search Trends for Small Businesses in 2020

Everyone knows that search engine optimization is one of the best ways to ensure that your business receives high-quality, organic traffic to its website for free. What fewer people know, however, is exactly how to make that happen.

The ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms requires up-to-date knowledge of the latest SEO techniques. Safari Digital SEO Sydney suggests that the most important thing to understand about search engine optimisation is that it is always changing and evolving. So long as Google keeps updating its algorithm and your competitors continue to optimise their websites with an SEO strategy, then there will always be the need for SEO.. In this article, we’ve collected a list of seven search trends that you need to be aware of.

1. Long Tail Emphasis

Firstly, 2020 will see even a more significant emphasis on long tail keywords. All of the major, short keywords have now already been optimized for by many other websites. Thus, in order for your search engine optimization strategy to be successful, you need to continue emphasizing long tail keywords.

2. BERT Update Focuses on UX

The BERT update to Google’s search engine algorithm has a focus on user experience. Google’s robot spiders now know how to crawl your website and analyze for clean architecture.

The cleaner and more user-friendly your website experience, the higher your website will rank in the search engine results.

3. Authority is Everything

Authority is everything — not only when it comes to readability and convincing your prospects to turn into customers, but also when it comes to SEO. Google wants to ensure that only reputable sites turn up on the first page of the search engine results.

The way Google analyzes your authority is by checking the number and quality of the backlinks your website has.

4. Technical SEO is Uber-Important

Technical SEO is growing in importance in 2020. Gone are the days when it was sufficient just to see a few on-page SEO tactics within your content. Now, you have to be conscious of designing your website in a way that is search-friendly.

Consider hiring professional SEO services to take care of the technical aspect of search optimization if you’re unfamiliar with the technical side of things.

5. Mobile is Still King

In 2020, mobile is still very much king. If it isn’t yet, your website absolutely has to be mobile responsive. Google has continued to prove that non-mobile friendly websites will be penalized in the search engine results.

6. Continue Link Building

As we discussed above, the major way that Google is able to assess the authority of your website is by checking the number and quality of backlinks to your website. Thus, it’s imperative that you continue to focus on your link building efforts.

7. SEO Automation

Many parts of search engine optimization on the technical side can be automated. Consider hiring some professional services to build out an automated technical SEO architecture for your website, so that each time you publish a new piece of content it is automatically updated with the latest optimization tactics.

Search Trends to Bolster Your Business

With the knowledge of these search trends under your belt, you’re ready to bring even more search engine traffic to your business in 2020.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.