7 Must-Have Apps for Mobile Entrepreneurs

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With the advancements in technology, entrepreneurs can now start, grow, and monitor their businesses through their mobile devices.

Earlier this year, Salesforce reported that roughly a third of American small business owners use smartphones to manage their companies, performing tasks such as banking and customer relationship management.

Running a Business from a Smartphone
If you want to become an entrepreneur without sacrificing your love for adventure, travel, and family time, then here are seven mobile apps for entrepreneurs that you should check out and use:

1. Box.com

Box is the perfect tool for sharing content with your clients, business partners, and employees.  It allows you to easily upload, view, and edit content through your mobile device. Depending on your chosen plan, you and several of your colleagues or employees can use the same account to store important files and monitor progress, further ensuring security via SSL and AT Rest encryption.

 Box Mobile App









2. Skype

Communication is essential for a business’ success. Make sure that instructions are received and understood, deliverables are produced on time, and changes are known by everyone concerned through Skype’s instant message and video call features. Should you need to call a landline or mobile phone number, simply buy credits ($10 or $25 denomination) or subscribe for limited or unlimited calls.

Skye Mobile App













3. Evernote

Was there ever a time when you are sitting idly in a restroom or looking out the city while on a train ride home, and then a really awesome idea hits you? For those critical times when you got a brilliant idea or found a really interesting imagery, be it online or offline, Evernote is your trusty friend. It lets you upload and share content, be it photos, audio, itineraries, or web clips. Evernote also allows collaboration, so you can use it as a platform for projects you and your colleagues are working on.




Evernote Mobile App 









4. TripIt

As your business grows, you will find yourself traveling more frequently—both for leisure and business. Although these trips are rewarding, they can be difficult to organize, what with the numerous documents you have to receive and keep. To solve this dilemma, I recommend that mobile entrepreneurs use TripIt. By forwarding confirmation emails you get to the designated address, you can have itineraries automatically created for you, which you can share with family and friends. To personalize them, you can also add maps, photos, and notes.

 TripIt Mobile App










5. Invoiceable  

Creating an invoice can be a pain, especially if you are not skilled in graphic design. Fortunately, there are simpler and far better alternatives to manually creating them, one of which is Invoiceable. This system allows you to manage all your clients in one place and create invoices in seconds, ensuring your data is secured through a 256-bit SSL encryption. Invoiceable doesn’t have an official app yet, but you can either download the unofficial Android app or check it out on your mobile browser.

 Invoiceable Mobile App









6. Square

It’s easy to pay with a credit card while traveling, but it’s not as easy to receive credit card payments when you’re on the go. What are you to do when faced with such a situation? Well, you should use Square Register. Available to both Android and iOS devices, this app lets you add and organize items, allow customer signature, apply discounts, manually enter credit card, send receipts via email or text, and many more. Once you sign up, you will get a free card reader and online store.

Square Mobile App









7. RingCentral

Keeping your personal and business lives separate can be difficult when clients are constantly calling you on your personal number. Create a business brand by using RingCentral. With a RingCentral account and its free mobile app, you can create and use a business number from your own cell phone for SMS and calls, make calls, view your call log, send and receive faxes, start a conference, and a whole lot more.

 Ringcentral Mobile App










Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean getting stuck at the office. With careful planning and the seven apps I shared with you today, you can grow your business and ensure your success while on the go.  If you liked this article, I would love it if you would please share it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Thanks!

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