7 Benefits of Making a Sales Brochure for Your Business

You’ve got everything down to a science with your business — the product or service you sell is set up, your in-house talent is exceptional, and you’re ready to spread the word!

Now it’s time to fire up a dynamite marketing campaign to get your company and the products you sell out into the marketplace.

A great marketing strategy varies for each company based on the industry you’re in and the clients that you’re trying to sell to.

Fortunately, there are marketing tools such as a sales brochure that works well in any marketing strategy. If you want to know more, you can read this article that talks about desktop publishing software for businesses and how to globalize your brochures, leaflets, and presentations.

Here are several benefits of using a sales brochure for your marketing materials.

1. Visualization of Your Products

The modern-day consumer thrives on having visual displays of the products that they’re interested in purchasing.

They can literally type in what they’re looking for into Google, and have thousands of images only seconds later.

Because of that, the entire marketplace has started to base their purchasing decisions solely on the visual aspects of a product.

You could have the most innovative product in the entire world, but if your marketing campaign is focused on drowning people with wordy descriptions, they won’t see the importance.

There’s a balance of visualization and description that needs to take place for your marketing to succeed. Brochures help you maximize both the photos and quality content that you use.

Everyone’s held a brochure before, they know what to expect. They’ll look at the photo first then read the details. With online services like mycreativeshop.com, you can create professional brochures, without a design team and customize them however you’d like. 

2. Easy to Issue

One of the best things about using sales brochures is how accessible it makes your marketing campaigns to customers and local businesses.

You can hand them out at local events, bring a stack to a partner business’s office, or attach to other giveaways to get it in the hands of your potential buyers.

While your customers may not need your product/service currently, they can hang on to the brochure for the day that they do. If they don’t remember your website, they’ll have a physical advertisement to go back to and find it.

3. Great for Your Other Marketing Outlets

Do you have a website that you use as the main way to push users to the point of purchase? Is there a social media outlet that you’re trying to get more followers on?

Listing your website and social outlets on your brochure gives you the ability to push those other forms of marketing more frequently. 

No longer will you have to spell out your website address to clients at a sales table. 

Simply hand them a brochure, circle the site address, and they’ll have no choice but to visit the address shortly thereafter!

4. Sales Incentives

Who doesn’t appreciate a coupon or discount for an item or service they need? The answer is no one!

Did you know that 75% of your potential customers expect a discount on your services? They’re not hoping for it… they expect it.

Any time your business creates a discount on your products, you should be offering it in both a digital and physical coupon. Different customers optimize them in different ways.

Adding a physical coupon to your brochure will add to the depth of your marketing.

Not only are you showing off your product, but you’re also giving the reader a reason they can’t afford to not buy your item. Taking advantage of a discount makes too much sense for your potential buyers not to use it.

5. They’re More Advanced Than Ever

The term “sales brochure” no longer means a 8.5 x 11 paper brochure with pictures and print. 

Those certainly have their place in business, but depending on the product you sell, you may be interested in designing something with a bit more sophistication to it.

This corporate video brochure can provide a detailed visualization of your product and show off its proper usage.

Show off the high-class customers that you’re searching for in a digital brochure than will appeal to consumers of all income levels. Their jaws will drop to the floor.

Not to mention, anyone that you hand it out to will feel guilty throwing it away, meaning they’ll hang on to it and have it to reference for years down the line.

6. Mailing Tools

Have you been noticing that your mailing endeavors have been lacking something the past few months? Perhaps you’ve never previously done a mailing campaign.

Raise the intrigue of your company and appeal to more clients simultaneously by mailing a brochure to the client directly.

Whether your target buyer has already purchased from you or never heard of you before, your brochure will bring you to the front of their minds.

7. Cost-Efficiency

Some marketing tools that you want to invest in may send you into cardiac arrest after you look at the price tag.

Brochures have been and always will be a tremendously cost-efficient way of marketing. You can purchase them in bulk and be set for months before restocking.

Better yet, you’ll be able to restock every few weeks/months to have a consistent flow and never run out when you need them most.

Create a Sales Brochure for Your Business Today

Whether you’re looking to market your product or just your company as a whole, a sales brochure can help you achieve your goals.

Find a design that shows off your company vibe and have a perfect marketing tool for years to come!

Be sure to revisit often; we have several articles just like this one that can help you succeed!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.