6 Ways Your Business Can Go Green

Going green as a business is a smart decision for various reasons, like how a growing number of potential customers seem to be choosing eco-conscious companies over others.

Some are making the switch because going green usually results in more efficiency, which can speed things up and even save money. The following are six ways you can turn your business into an eco-friendlier one.

1. Switch the Lights

There are complicated and simple ways to be greener, and this is one of the easy ways because all you have to do is replace your light bulbs with LED lights. These types of lights are much more energy efficient, which not only saves you money but reduces your use of electricity. Keep in mind that electricity is made with the help of either natural gas or coal, and the byproduct of these is carbon dioxide.

2. Invest in Green Manufacturing

Another thing you can do is work on becoming a green manufacturer. Of course, this applies to manufacturing businesses, but it is important to address because these businesses are quite common.

There are a few ways you can do this, like you could invest in purchasing hybrid vehicles or electric vehicles for transportation. You could also recycle your waste somehow. If the waste in your manufacturing plant is organic, you could turn it into compost or have your waste recycled.

3. Choosing Eco-Friendly Appliances

You can install eco-friendly appliances instead of the ones you are currently using in your company. Now, this does depend on the type of business you are running, but there are a lot of ways to do this.

You could install energy efficient water heaters or AC systems. These are bigger changes, and if you can’t do something this big, then start small. Maybe you can start by making sure the office microwave is energy efficient. This small step still shows that you are on the right path.

4. Choose a Green Power

Green power comes in many forms. Those who happen to be close enough to wind farms could choose to get their energy needs from them. The power generated from these types of farms do not produce a byproduct like carbon dioxide and is usually affordable.

You should also consider installing solar panels so that some if not all of your power comes from a renewable source. This is not only good for your eco-friendly goals, but it’ll save you money, too.

5. Encouraging a Different Path

You may have a lot of employees, and most of them probably come to work in a car. The chances are some of these vehicles are not too eco-conscious, so why not consider encouraging your employees to take buses or other forms of public transportation every so often?

You should also consider suggesting that your employees start using bikes or other similar modes of transportation to get to work. Some employers go so far as to provide a private company shuttle so that their employees all carpool together and reduce the need to use vehicles.

6. Promote Corporate Goodness

It may be a good idea to consider changing your company’s culture if you are serious about going green. What you should do is figure out ways your company can contribute to the planet. One thing you can do is just have your entire staff plant a tree every year so that you make it a tradition.

This gives your company a good image and gives your employees an opportunity to feel like they are contributing to this planet. An additional thing you can have your company do for others is donate items they no longer need or that you’ve recently updated. This way you promote recycling rather than waste as some people just throw away good items that others can use.

Hopefully, you can get started with one of the aforementioned suggestions and keep going from there. Making the switch is going to take some time, and this step is going to be costly, but your entire team is going to feel better about being eco-friendly. That feeling within your team will likely improve morale and improve productivity.