6 Tips to Stand Out From Your Peers (Without Tearing Them Down)

You don’t need anyone to tell you that competition is heating up. You see it every day. And you’re desperately seeking an edge over your peers, whether it’s for that promotion you’ve been eyeing for months or a juicy new contract attracting more bids than years in your life.

Well, you can gain that edge — without tearing down your fellow strivers or leaving any hard feelings in your wake. Get started with these six tips. 

1. Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into an Original Content Machine

Start by turning your LinkedIn profile into an original content machine. Why not? Said profile is most likely the most visible web property that you control, other than not-as-professional social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Implement these tips from this veteran LinkedIn publisher to hone your LinkedIn blogging craft and create content that really grabs your audience.

2. Create Your Own Everybodywiki Listing

Not eligible for a Wikipedia page due to the free encyclopedia’s pesky “notability” guidelines? No matter. Everybodywiki is a fine alternative that’s very visible in Google search results, which is really what we’re after here. Take a gander at this Everybodywiki page for Kris Duggan to get some ideas for your own.

3. Set Up a Blog Content Calendar and Stick to It

You’ve got a lot of great ideas for original, compelling blog content. Now, if you could just find time to publish it all. 

You can. The secret weapon is a blog content calendar that helps you track your content’s progress from ideation to publication. If you’re confident in your ability to keep everything straight and stay motivated, you don’t need anything fancier than a simple spreadsheet. Alternatively, use a productivity tool like Trello, especially if you plan to publish at higher volumes.

4. Use Scheduling Tools to Reduce Your Social Media Workload

Apply the same framework to your social media activities. Social media scheduling tools abound, but not all are worth your time. For the best in the marketplace right now, check out this list of Techradar’s top social media management tools — and get ready to reclaim your valuable time without sacrificing a vibrant, active brand.

5. Get Listed on Top Business Directories

This works even if you don’t consider yourself a “business” per se. Some of the best online business directories, including Crunchbase and Angel.co, welcome listings from individual professionals and sole proprietors. 

6. Throw Your Hat in the Ring for Local and Industry Awards

“Award winning” just sounds better in front of a name or descriptor, doesn’t it? Said award doesn’t have to be a monumental “get”; no need to schmooze the Nobel Prize committee or anything like that. A nod from your professional association’s local chapter or regional “40 under 40”-type award will do fine.

How Do You Plan to Stand Out From the Crowd?

If you believe in yourself, you can stand out from your industry crowd in every single way on this list. And probably in a few other ways we haven’t thought of. The sooner you begin, the better — so, what are you waiting for?

Brad Richman