6 Online Courses for Better Growth in your Career

The 21st century is the era of innovation. The old ways of learning and earning are slowly disappearing and the modern ways of living have arrived. With a new approach towards life and lifestyle, new career opportunities have emerged.

In today’s digitally-dominated world, there is an overwhelming number of courses available online. The cherry on top? Most of these courses are available online and for free of cost! Let’s see what are the 6 online courses which you should definitely opt for a better growth in your career:

1. Digital Marketing

This is one of those few online courses whose prominence has spread like wildfire! From undergraduates to post-graduates to probably anyone – Digital Marketing is the most sought-after online course irrespective of age or profession.

Owing to its heavy demand in the market, especially the corporate sector, many institutions have started providing online courses on the same. It includes learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, and most importantly, social media marketing.

2. Web Development

Website Development is hands down the best way to get yourself a job, that too without the need of a degree. However, the task of a web developer or ‘devs’ as they are called is not as easy as it sounds. Web Developers are responsible for developing, creating, and smooth functioning of a website.

They learn various complex computer languages like Java, C++, Python, etc to develop the website from scratch. Nevertheless, they are well-paid and highly demanded, so it is always a good choice to opt for this course online.

3. Graphic Designing

The digital arm of a creative mind, Graphic Designing is an amazing course for those who are willing to put their inner Picasso at work. It is one of the best and fun ways to earn and grow in your professional life. If you love art and happen to be a little bit tech-savvy too, this course is definitely for you.

Various organizations have been found looking for adept graphic designers. It is a course dedicated to photo-shopping and animation, along with HTML and networking.

4. Creative Writing

Another absolutely wonderful course that requires no formal certification! Creative Writing is an online course for all those who have a flair in writing. Just like Graphic Designers, Creative Writers are highly sought by numerous establishments. Blogger, Content Writer, Ghost Writer – you are just one step away from becoming any of these.

It just demands strong research abilities and a good hold in different languages, especially English, so additional language training with a help of many online English courses out there, is essential to succeed in creative writing career. 

5. Data Science

If you are an individual looking for a job position as a data analyst, data scientist, or business analyst – this is the ideal course for you. As per a research, Glassdoor has again named Data Scientist the number 1 job in America! You can easily pursue a master of science in analytics and learn from industry experts.

It smartly emphasizes teaching the various aspects related to statistics, data analytics, and data visualization. So, if you are a tech person, who also loves to juggle around big data and numbers, this is the best way to turn your passion into a profession – all while earning tons!

6. Full-Stack Development

Arguably one of the best online courses to go for, this vacation. A full-stack developer is responsible for developing both client and server software. The curriculum of this course includes advanced knowledge of various programming languages of the computer like Java, Oracle, SWS, React, Hibernate, and others.

Besides this, it also includes chapters like HTML, CSS, Python, AHP, Node, etc. The benefits of this course, just like the curriculum, are innumerable along with a bright future in the years to come.  

Over to you…

There is no end to learning and discovering new things – all at the ease of your own home, your own convenience. It is incredible how the internet has made learning so easy.

There are various online courses offered by a variety of institutions on the internet. Here, we cited the top 6 online courses for better growth in career. Other than this, you can also opt for Google Ads courses online to give your career the much-needed boost. 

Chris Z