6 Ideas to Save Money on Office Air Conditioning

Your office is the place you get to spend most of your day, after home. It’s where you come up with strategies and make ends meet. As professionals often insist, you should, therefore, ensure maximum comfort for increased productivity. Investing in air conditioning is one of the proven ways to achieve all that. 

However, you can forget to mention that air conditioning can be quite expensive if not careful. If you are looking for ideas on reducing the cost of air conditioning, this article is tailored for you. Here, we will explain six powerful techniques you can utilize to see you continue to enjoy this powerful tool’s benefits without having to break a bank. 

  • Go Digital

In an era where every sector is experiencing tremendous technological advancements, the air conditioning industry hasn’t been neglected. Therefore, if you are looking to save some dollars with the resource, the best place to start is investing in a programmable thermostat. This fantastic tool allows you to vary the temperature according to when you are in the office. Say, for instance, you can program it to maintain 78 degrees when you are in the office and turn off when the office hours are done. This helps save costs as it means the entire system will only run when needed.

How many times have you forgotten to turn off your AC at home while leaving the office or at home? It must be countless times. Well, you can avoid all these dramas by having a programmable thermostat. The strategy also helps keep the system from overworking, which means a long period of service. With the device, therefore, it means that the system will ask for fewer repairs.  

  • Regular Maintenance

Like your car, your office’s HVAC system also does require regular maintenance. The regular maintenance does help it continue running smoothly without any interference. One thing to note is that a faulty system is likely to overwork itself, meaning it will consume excessive power leading to frequent air conditioner repairs that can accumulate costs. HVAC experts often insist that you consider a reputable HVAC maintenance company to deal with the troubles. The good thing about having the experts do the job is that they can detect a problem before it becomes significant. Also, they can help suggest quality systems when it comes to replacements.

  • Be Smart When Buying your Unit

What is the size of your office? How many rooms are there in your office? Where does your office face? These are some of the common questions you ought to ask yourself when it comes to buying your first unit. When purchasing a window air conditioner, you shouldn’t always go for the bigger ones. When you pick a too large system for the room, it means that the unit will work harder, costing you more. PTAC4Less is a good source for refurbished PTACs to install in your home or office.

Regarding size, consider the seasonal energy efficiency ratio number (13-14 in warmer climates). Going for a less efficient system means that you will spend more to see it run. Also, consider the system’s energy efficiency ratio (EER) when shopping for your unit. Professionals recommend a system with an EER of 11 or higher. This is because; a unit with a high EER will cost you more. However, it can work if you live in a hot climate as it will pay itself in the long run. When buying window coolers you might want to consider what suits your need.

  • Where do you Place the HVAC system?

Apart from your office’s location and the number of windows available, where you place the system also impacts the cost. You may ask yourself how that is possible. Well, from a professional’s point of view, your air conditioning condenser should be located in a shady spot. This allows sufficient room to dispose of the heated air it collects from the office. However, this doesn’t mean you crowd it with shrubs or anything else. By so doing, you will be inviting clogging from leaves and dirt from the environment. 

  • Seal your Doors and Windows

Most office owners are losing precious cold air through unsealed windows, doors, and cracks on the walls. These tiny holes can see you spend a fortune in the long run, as it means your system will have to run more to ensure a conducive environment. You can call in an expert to help seal your office for proper circulation.

  • Go Old School 

Today, the use of HVAC systems in the office is the most convenient method to keep the environment comfortable. But, if you are looking to save on cost, you can consider alternative ways to help ease your AC’s work. You can continue using your ceiling fans and keep those curtains and blinds closed. Those ceiling fans that you ignore can make a huge difference in air circulation and maintain a calm office environment. Or you can rent an air cooler that is water powered – check out air cooler rental in Singapore for more information and availability.

Air conditioners remain an essential asset in any office setting. They help maintain a relaxed environment, thus boosting productivity. At the same time, they can trigger substantial monthly bills if not careful. Mentioned in this article are six proven tips you can borrow to see that monthly bill reduces. You can adapt each of the said tips to work in your favor and ensure significant results. 

Annika Bansal

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