5 Ways To Improve Freight Shipments For Your Business

Businesses that offer products locally and internationally know how crucial effective freight brokerage shipment is for their business. They need to pay attention to the quality of their shipping services, as this reflects on their business. Delivering goods, especially large ones, is not all about delivering it as a completion of your client’s orders. It’s about impressing your clients with a shipment that is well-packed and tidy, arriving at the correct address on the exact date it’s expected, or even earlier. 

However, guaranteeing a quality shipping service to your clients can be challenging and costly, especially if you don’t have proper communication with your third-party logistics company. Therefore, choosing a reliable shipping carrier is essential, as they are part of your business operation and completion of your client’s orders. 

To help you out, here are five ways to improve freight shipment for your business and prevent common shipping mistakes in the future.

  1. Communicate With Your Warehouse

Your products usually come from the company warehouse. Pulling items from the inventory, following the client order, and putting items all together for packaging and shipment are all done by your warehouse staff. To ensure your parcels are prepared and sent on time, conduct efficient and effective communication with your warehouse. This is important to maintain fast delivery of your goods. 

Proper communication leads to efficient monitoring, which ensures that you’re regularly updated on stock numbers. In addition, warehouse leaders will know when there are large numbers of orders to be sent, and when it’s necessary to call for additional staff. The more systematic your warehouse operation is, the better your chances of providing fast and reliable product shipment for your business.

  1. Choose The Right Courier Service

The courier service you entrust to deliver your products is crucial for your business’s success. There are numerous things to keep in mind when choosing your courier service. Some of these factors include cost, type of delivery service, security, reliability, and delivery speed. However, if your business also centers on transporting goods internationally, you must consider using international freight forwarder services to deliver your orders faster. 

While some businesses deliver their goods without a freight forwarder, the complexities of handling documentation, fees, and demand for multiple transportation may slow down your deliveries. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use freight forwarder services to save time and money, while avoiding unnecessary stress.

  1. Utilize Electronic Data Interchange

To minimize paperwork in the shipment process, it’s best to use Electronic Data Interchange, also known as EDI. Many global couriers use this method, which allows them to utilize electronic data instead of managing the process on paper. 

Using paperless EDI will not only make it more convenient to ship and track orders, but the entire shipment process is quicker, too. It also maximizes productivity as your business won’t have to deal with potential human errors. Your business can handle operations from each department, whether it’s in the office, corporate, warehouse, or shipments, without the need to hire multiple employees.

  1. Declare Your Outgoing Goods Online

When delivering parcels of any size internationally, there will always be a customs clearance protocol. Customs clearance is a mandatory part of the delivery process, which can be frustrating and long-winded. 

Note that if delivered freight exceeds the minimum value for commercial items in a particular country, they need to be inspected by that same country’s customs authority. This may prolong the shipping process and could cause a delay. To avoid inconvenience to clients, it’s best to declare your outgoing freight online. You can ensure that your freight shipments will pass through customs clearance in no time without any issues, and they’ll arrive at your client’s address on time.

  1. Keep Your Customers Updated By Increasing Transparency

Another way to improve your freight shipments is by increasing business transparency. Your clients can get antsy while they wait for their packages without any update. In order for your clients to trust you and your shipment process, always keep them up to date on the delivery status. 

Thankfully, with the latest technology, you can help your clients keep track of their incoming cargo with real-time information through live data automation. They can check the status of their parcels directly on a mobile phone using their specific tracking reference code. They can also sign up for regular delivery status updates through SMS. This transparency is like to increase customer satisfaction and reflect well on your business.

Wrapping Up

Continually improving your business’ freight shipment process is essential; not only for your brand, but most importantly, for your clients. You can keep your business competitive within your industry by executing timely services, using the guidance above. Ensure that your business delivers, in every sense of the word.

Fabrizio VanMarcino

Fabrizio Van Marciano is a self-taught web designer, front-end web developer, and content creator. He is the founder of FVM.