5 Ways to Celebrate a Friend Starting a New Job

Congratulations on your new job! That sounds like a positive opportunity for you to find out what you’re passionate about. It’s also an exciting time to learn and grow, and we want to help you get off to a great start. Have you given any thought to ways to celebrate your friend starting a new job?

1. Give Your Friend a Gift Certificate for One of Your Favorite Restaurants

Many people choose specific restaurants based on the particular foods they like to eat and their budget. A gift certificate from one of your favorite restaurants may provide a great opportunity for your friend to try out different foods and also save some money. It’s a thoughtful way of showing that you care, too. Also, the next time your friend goes out to eat, they will be reminded of your friendship.

2. Plan a Shopping Spree

Many women enjoy shopping, but even more so when they’re away from work and have some extra time. For your friend who has just started a new job, allow her to go shopping for clothes or shoes she needs that fit in the budget she can spend. You’ll be giving your friend the gift of time and money, which is priceless! If your friend has a friend to go with her or at least tag along for the shopping trip, she may not feel guilty about going out to spend money on herself.

3. Organize a Trip

It might be a great time to plan a trip with your friend to start a new job. There are so many great activities that you can do together while away from home, such as a museum or theme park. Or, take advantage of the time away and try something different, like camping! Some travel agents offer amazing deals for those heading on vacation. You can both plan out your adventure together and make it even more memorable. And don’t forget to document it all on your digital camera or smartphone!

4. Gifts No One Can Resist

A gift basket can make a great traditional gift for anyone starting a new job. It’s hard to beat the feeling of opening up the basket to see your favorite things or things that will come in handy at the beginning of a new job. The gift basket can include items to help you celebrate or items to help you organize the new office space. When buying items for a gift basket, it’s important to think about the recipient’s wants or needs instead of your own.

5. Get the Family Involved

If you’re close with a large family, this is the time to get everyone together to wish your friend starting a new job well. You may not want to attend an office party but consider a family gathering or dinner out. It will be nice for your friend and provide you with a great evening of camaraderie.

As you can see, there are many ways to celebrate your friend starting a new job. Remember, although you’re excited for her and want to do something special for her, make sure it is also fun for you. And, remember that your friend will be working hard. Give yourself some time to relax, and have fun!

Brett Sartorial

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