5 Ways to Avoid Burnout as an Entrepreneur

Burnout is a major problem for entrepreneurs. Did you know businesses are 8% more likely to fail when entrepreneurs experience burnout?

The reality is that entrepreneurs must manage their mental and physical health so they can continue to operate at peak performance.

Here are some great ways to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur.

Take a Break

It sounds simple and it’s not groundbreaking, but the average entrepreneur works 60 hours every week. That’s well above the average American worker and it gives them almost no chance to rest.

Many entrepreneurs compromise on both conventional breaks and even sleep. Every entrepreneur should take breaks for both rest and leisure to refresh the mind.

Manage Your Diet Well

The impact of diet on mood and energy is well-documented. Entrepreneurs are known for grabbing quick and easy meals, which usually involve fast food. This is not giving your body the nutrients it needs to operate at even a normal level.

Change up your diet to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables. They will energize you and ensure that your body has everything it requires.

Ill health is the fastest way to cause burnout and to cut down on your productive work hours.

Stop Trying to Do Everything Yourself

Solopreneurs became an especially common beast after the financial crisis of 2008, where thousands of people started their own businesses after losing their jobs.

It’s tempting to believe that you can manage everything by yourself. The problem is you can’t. There are too many aspects of a business you must manage.

Bring in outside help. Get the assistance you need by allowing someone else to manage certain aspects of your business, even if it’s only for a couple of days per week.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

Entrepreneurs are notorious for burning the midnight oil. The problem is chronic sleep deprivation destroys every aspect of both your mental and physical health.

Not only should you get between seven and nine hours per night (depending on the person) but you should be focusing on restful sleep.

The key to this is the right mattress. You should get the best mattress that takes into account your needs. Your body should be adequately supported, particularly your spine.

If your mattress is cheap, old, or tired it’s time to invest in yourself today.

Do What You’re Passionate About

Are you burned out? Then it might be because you need to reinvigorate yourself.

Many entrepreneurs have passion projects that they incorporate into their business. It allows them to be creative and to try new things. It breaks the endless cycle of doing the same things every day.

Keep things interesting by developing a passion project today.

Last Word – Be Kind to Yourself

The easiest way to sum up all this advice is to be kind to yourself. Don’t destroy yourself in order to ensure that your business thrives.

It’s okay to do this in short bursts, but if you punish yourself in the long-term you can expect burnout sooner or later.

What are you doing to avoid burnout?

Ryan Kh

Ryan Kahn, known as a career coach and television personality. Ryan Kahn is founder of The Hired Group, author of Hired!