5 Ways Roofing Contractors Can Gain Business

Being a roofing contractor may be your dream come true. Having your own list of clients and getting to work outside are awesome benefits. However, if you lack a bit in the client department, it can be scary thinking about your future. Luckily for you, we’re going to share five surefire methods for gaining new customers for roofing contractors.

Master SEO In Your Area

When a potential customer is looking for a roofing contractor, they tend to turn to Google or another favorite search engine. When they type in ‘roofers in your area’ they will get a map of local roofers and website results. For this reason, it’s imperative that you master SEO in your area and ensure your business shows up first in that map listing section. That’s where all your potential leads are going to click to connect with your business. If you’re not there, then one of your competitors will be getting all of those leads.

Pay Lead Generation Websites

There are many major home sites that will collect consumer information and give it to you for a small fee. HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List are just a couple of the most popular. Those looking to get a new roof are likely going to land on one of these lead generation websites to learn the specifics about roof replacement costs and so forth. These sites will offer to connect these potential consumers in need of roof replacement with certified individuals in their area. You can contact these lead generation websites and get added to their certified list. Every time a new customer searches for a job, you can get contacted without having to do any of the marketing work.

Offer Referral Fees

It’s not uncommon for people to talk about a roofing job that was recently completed. It could be as simple as a neighbor commenting on the job that was done and stating that their roof needs to be replaced soon too. You can cash in on these potential leads by offering your existing customers a referral bonus. For example, you may offer them a couple of hundred dollars for every job that you get from people that they sent your way. This is a great tactic for getting new clients without having to pay to do all of the marketing.

Create A Strategic Alliance

If you have a Lowes or Home Depot in your local area, it’s highly likely that you’re competing with them for leads. Since these hardware stores have a lot more money to invest in advertising than you likely do, you need to think smarter. Many offer strategic alliances with roofing contractors in the area for the jobs that they take on. Yes, you’ll get paid based on their rates. However, if they’re feasible for your earnings, then agree to be a partner. These big box stores can be a nice steady stream of jobs that will ensure that you will always have work on your schedule.

Look Into Other Partnerships
Once you link up with the big box store, it’s time to expand your horizons. Think about the various other contractors in the business who are in need of an experienced roofer. As a contractor, it’s always advisable to have industry contacts that you can refer your customers to for future jobs that you don’t specialize in. Be the contact that these other contractors want to have. Think of landscaping companies, handymen, home builders, and others. You’re looking for basically anyone who doesn’t do roofing themselves who regularly associates with clients who need new roofs or repairs.

Brett Sartorial

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