5 Tips to Double Up Conversions During Holiday Season

Your website may have the most exceptional content and products, but if they are not presented properly, no one will notice them. And your conversions will suffer big time. 


If you have created your website with the idea of having an excellent conversion rate, your focus should not only be on form but also on function. We are giving you several priceless tips that will help you double up your conversions on your site by avoiding specific mistakes in the process of building and planning your strategy.


In fact, these tips are quite universal, and with a little tweaking here and there, they can work on various types of websites. You can apply them all-year-around, but they will be particularly helpful around any holiday season.


Highlight Your Best-Selling Products and Categories


This tip is constructive for new visitors that come across your website. To win their attention quickly, you need to inspire them and make them stay longer. Make sure that your homepage showcases your most popular content, products, and categories. With this little trick, you ensure a higher click-through rate by pointing the potential customer’s attention to pages that are inclined to sell.


There are several ways to do this, such as:


  • Adding an automated bestseller list on your front page;
  • Accentuating your trending items and bestsellers every week;
  • If an item is out-of-stock, making sure to notify your visitors when the item will be available again;


Create a Category for Holiday Gifts


Let’s say it is Christmas or Saint Valentine, and you want to help your visitors select the best presents. The easiest way to navigate the gift shopping process is by providing a separate section (category) for gifts. To make it even more user-friendly, you can optimize it by adding filters – according to sex, age, etc. You can also group your gift items by price.


Make Your Contact Information as Visible as Possible


There is nothing more frustrating than lacking or insufficient contact information. Your contact page should contain all the necessary information, such as an address, phone number, email. If you want to make it easier for your potential customer to contact you during the holiday season, make your contact form as distinguishable as possible. You may even consider adding it to the header of your site. 


Some other useful tips for a great contact page include:


  • Prompting the customer to get in touch with you – make them feel “at home” while on your website;
  • Being sharp and concise – you need your customer to act quickly, don’t lose their attention with unnecessary information;
  • Providing more ways to contact you – you may consider adding a phone number or a live chat option; some customers need immediate assistance, and giving them a direct contact option increases the chance of a conversion.

Be Transparent on Shipping and Returns Policy


A piece of very sound advice, if you want to please holiday shoppers. Your potential customers would want to feel safe, and they can return the item they have selected. Make sure to provide responsive payment options and extended returns.


Also, consider making the shipping and returns policy as visible as possible. You may also want to add a premium next day shipping especially for the holidays. You can promote free or special holiday shipping options in the header of your website.


Take Care of Your Loyal Customers


If you own an online store, you definitely know who your loyal customers are! Repeat visitors tend to spend seven times more than the “random” customer, and it is crucial to make them happy. You can do that by:


  • Offering repeat customers with personalized content – via email;
  • Including them in a loyalty program;
  • Offering them more significant discounts;
  • Including them in referral programs.


These tips should help you both in increasing your conversions and making your visitors contended.


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