5 Things a College Graduate Must Know

There are always many expectations from people around you when you get to graduate from college. On a personal level, it’s everyone’s dream to find a job immediately and don’t have to tarmac to get one. Besides, you have a family to take care of. While in school, you are prepared through various stages so that you become a responsible member of society. With these investments, you definitely have to deliver some outputs once you graduate.

For these reasons, there are some things that you need to know as you leave school and they include:

A Degree Does Not Guarantee You a Job

It is good to be hopeful, but you should never rely entirely on your degree. As you spent your days in high school, there was all the hype about joining a lucrative university and later secure a job. However, with the current competitive world, there are minimal jobs. Get out of your way and create something out of what you studied. The knowledge you have acquired should enable you to curve something, be it a business or an individual organization. In fact, you should leave school with the mentality that you are an employer rather than a job seeker.

You Must Create a Network

The most important skill that a graduate must have is communication. With this attribute, you will build a strong network around you as you interact with fellow professionals. If you get lucky to secure a job, use the opportunity to cast the net further. It will help you to advance faster in your career, especially if you have a good relationship with top management.

You are not a Decision Maker

You may have scored the highest grade in college, but when you get to your first job, remember that you are just an apprentice. You were hired because of your potential, but not your skill. Probably, your bosses saw something in you that they thought would help the company grow. Normally, they will not expect that you know so much. If you act as though you know everything, it might cause friction among your colleagues.

Do not Act to Embarrass Your Boss

As a young professional, your success or failure depends on the role that your boss plays. Always strive to build a good relationship with your boss so that he/she can be motivated to invest time and resources to nurture your career. Whether you have the right opinion concerning an issue, do not count your boss publicly in meetings to make them look wrong. Your boss might hold that memory and try to punish you in every interaction afterward.

Do What You Love

Completing college comes with the relief of abandoning too many studies and assignments. It will be unfortunate if you get yourself into more stress when, in a real sense, you have to enjoy life after school. In whatever you choose to do, either career or business, select something that you are passionate about. You will be motivated to invest your time and resources into the activity.


It is important that you get an idea of the person you wish to be when you leave college. This will save you the frustration that many graduates suffer when they enter the real world. Take charge of your hope and strive to build your future without relying on anybody else. With this mindset, you will be successful.

About the Author

Jennifer Broflowski is a lecturer in one of the US universities. She is the head of the language and counseling departments. With the many students graduating and joining the career world, she is enthusiastic about offering students resume-writing packages to help them market their skills and help them stand out from other job applicants.