5 Steps to Hiring an Expert Bodyguard for your Personal Protection

Are you an important business person and interested in hiring a professional bodyguard? A CEO or company owner perhaps? Do you want the best possible person for the job? If so, then we recommend that you follow all of the steps outlined below in the correct order. However, if you have previously hired a bodyguard in the past for your exploits, then you may be able to skip the first step. And if you’re previous experience has left you with a private security agency that you prefer, then the second step is where you want to focus. 

  1. Choose A Purpose And A Professional

Personal security may be your goal, but you need to understand the different options that are available to you. Many people make the mistake of confusing a bodyguard with a security driver or a general security guard. While each of these professions works to safeguard a client they each have a different purpose and handle different responsibilities.

For example, a security guard is a protection specialist who primarily works within or around a building. You’ve likely seen many of these guards throughout your lifetime. They are very common at sporting competitions, public events, concerts, malls, and in large corporate headquarters. A security guard tends to work protecting the public space and all of the people using it.

A security driver is similar to a bodyguard because their ultimate goal is the protection of the client. However, their workspace is confined to the vehicle they are operating. The driver can spot and evade threats while safely transporting the client from one destination to another.

Finally, there is the bodyguard. These professionals are often at the top of their field and have years of prior training and experience working in security. Their goal is to protect you, your family, or your personal assets at any given time. They are capable of working in a variety of conditions and against a multitude of potential threats.

  1. Be Prepared And Clear About Your Needs

Bodyguards and other security professionals offer quotes for their services similar to contractors. By the time you reach out to a protection agency, you should have a clearly outlined set of goals or needs. If you are able to clearly explain your situation to the agency and what it is that you need, then you are more likely to get an accurate quote from the beginning.

This is not the time to withhold details in fear of embarrassment. A protection agency can only provide you with adequate services if you are completely open and honest about your situation. Only then can they assign the best possible professionals for the job.

You can clarify your needs to yourself and to the agency by answering a handful of simple questions. Here are some examples.

– Who or what is in need of protection services?

– Where is this person going to be while receiving protection?

– How long will the protection be required? 

– Will there be any traveling during the protection period?

– Who or what is posing a threat?

– Will there be any additional equipment required or preferred during the protection period?

– Is any form of medical training required?

These are only a handful of questions that will yield important answers. You aren’t required to go into gritty detail on every subject. The goal is to provide the agency with enough useful information so that they can assign a licensed professional best suited to your individual needs. 

  1. Finding A Professional Protection Agency

By answering the questions in the previous step for yourself you can then begin searching for agencies and providing them with the answers as needed. You’ll likely have a few different options to choose from depending on your location. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the cheapest option you can find. The best agencies will only hire licensed experts who speak multiple languages, have international experience, \re fully trained in a specialist course such as those offered by Pacific West Academy and have previous training in the military or the police force. That kind of quality service comes with a higher price tag.

The best protection agencies will offer more to their clients than just bodyguard services. Most of them are eager to share their information and experiences. For example, they may offer consultation services or risk advisory services for individuals and companies alike.

Of course, it often still boils down to price when comparing multiple options. How much should you expect to pay and how much is too much? You can find more information about the costs of hiring a protection service by reading our additional article on that specific subject.

  1. Ask Important Questions

You’ve already taken the time to ask yourself questions and provide helpful answers. Now it’s time to question the protection agency to determine if they are the right fit for you. Here are a handful of questions you should consider asking.

– How much experience does your company have?

– In what countries has your agency operated?

– What sort of experience, licenses, and training have your bodyguards received?

– Am I able to read detailed reports or biographies of your bodyguards?

– Can you provide me with reviews or testimonials from previous clients?

  1. Review The Final Offer

You should eventually reach a point with an agency where an offer is made. That offer can include a quote as well as a plan of operation for the future. It’s up to you to carefully consider the offer and determine if it’s worth the cost.

Annika Bansal

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