5 Retail Signage Tips That your Business Might Need

The retail industry is currently under pressure, as online shopping becomes more and more popular, and that means retailers need to review every aspect of their business in an effort to encourage store visitors. Your signage is a vital component of your in-store signage, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to improve things.

  1. Incorporate your Branding – Your store signage should reflect your branding, by using the same colours (and fonts), your customers will identify your products easily. We have excellent software today that can help you design the ideal signage, and with laser printing, you can print on almost any medium. All informational signage should be uniform, in terms of colour, font and design, plus the signs should be located so that people can see them from any store location.
  2. Carry Out an In-Store Evaluation – If you walk around your store and look at your signage, you might find that certain signs cannot be seen from some locations. Text needs to be large enough that it can be read from any location and smaller, non-informative signage might be better in a different location. You could ask a few friends to browse in your store, looking for constructive feedback on your overall design and signage, which would likely be very productive.
  3. Call in the Professionals – The best way to ensure that your signage is of high quality is to talk to a company like https://bigfootsigns.com.au/, one of Australia’s leading signage providers, and they can certainly come up with some improvements. Large wall stickers, for example, can really transform any retail space and by talking to an expert, you might be surprised at what can be done today.
  4. Calls to Action – These are the signs that can make all the difference, as they are designed to persuade shoppers to make a purchase. Some good examples include, ‘buy now, while stocks last’, ‘sale ends Friday’ and ‘while stocks last’ and these small signs should be placed close to the products you think are popular. If you would like some inspiration, take a walk around your local shopping mall and take note of the CTA signage that you can see.
  5. Consider Neon – Neon signage certainly catches your eye and the professional signage firms can create unique neon signs that really do put your message out there. Having neon signage in your store window offers night time benefits, as passers-by will see your glowing neon signs, and by getting creative, you can put together a window design that people are drawn to.

If you think that your signage could be improved, search online for a signage provider and they would be able to make some good suggestions that will result in a warm and inviting in-store ambience. Of course, you may already have good in-store signage, but with some professional advice, even that can be improved upon.