5 Questions to Ask Before Switching Your Business to Solar Energy

Solar energy has caught the eye of business owners. Solar employs nearly 250,000 U.S. workers. That’s double the number from 2012. It’s a fast-growing industry that generated $18 billion in investments.

Many big-name corporations have or are converting operations to solar power, including Amazon, IKEA, Macy’s, Costco Wholesale, Apple, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Target. Many small to medium-sized businesses are also interested in the financial benefits of sustainability. If you are among them, then you should consider the following before making a decision.


  • Can You Afford the Initial Investment in Solar?


Solar energy is free – once the panels are installed. There is a cost required to get set up. The price of solar systems has dropped over the past years. It can still be a lofty investment for smaller operations that may have fewer financial resources.

The total cost will vary depending on the size of the system, your location, and your needs. You should request a quote to get a better idea of what you are going to need to get started.

If paying outright isn’t an option, speak to your installer about leasing. You may also be eligible for tax credits if you take out a solar loan.


  • Are You Aware of Potential Savings and Tax Credits?


If you want to get the best value out of your solar investment, then you should be aware of the ways you can save on the installation. The Federal government offers tax credits that are gradually phasing out. 

You can receive a 26% deduction if you install a system this year. The incentive is scheduled to drop to 22% next year, and then to 10% in 2022 and after. You can also check into local programs in your community for additional savings.


  • Will Solar Become a Part of Your Brand and Marketing Campaigns?


You should also consider whether you want solar to become a part of your brand. You can install panels without using it in your marketing campaigns. However, if you plan to do so, you can post photos of the installation online to help draw interest.

Many people prefer eco-minded businesses. If it matches your demographic, putting information about your new solar panels out there can attract consumer interest and sales.


  • Does Your Facility Have an Area or Rooftop That Can Support Solar Panels?


You must have a place to put your solar panels. The rooftop is a common choice because it prevents them from taking up land. However, your installer will need to inspect your roof to check for damage or weak spots. 

You may need to have a repair or replacement done before your system is attached. This will increase the final cost of the project. Connect Electric can help you learn more about preparing for a solar installation.


  • Have You Found a Reputable Solar Installer?


You need a reputable solar installer to help guide you through this process. The right company can provide valuable insight into how much you can save on your electric bill, the total cost of installation, and how to improve efficiency.

Solar systems are a good way for businesses to cut costs and improve their energy independence and survivability. Learn more to find out if renewable technology is the next best step for your organization.

Fabrizio VanMarcino

Fabrizio Van Marciano is a self-taught web designer, front-end web developer, and content creator. He is the founder of FVM.