5 Mistakes to Avoid When Canvassing During Your Campaign

If you are trying to figure out the best way to boost your business visibility, consider using canvassing during your campaign for an increase in your marketing and sales tactics. If you have tried previous marketing ploys – such as social media, emails, and physical signage – and it is not working, why not try a more hands-on approach that helps you reach your target market and bond with your clientele.

We have the answer for you – canvassing. Canvassing is a type of in-person marketing method and promotional tactic that helps businesses get the word out about their business, their new deals, and their mission statement. Along with broadcasting perks and specials of the company, canvassing helps a business reach their target market and find out their dedicated customers.

Along with being used for political campaigns, canvassing is very popular in the marketing and sales world for businesses of all sectors. There are many different business sectors that can benefit from using this type of marketing strategy, such as restaurants, retail stores, agencies, and much more. See more about canvassing in the marketing and how you can use it for your business.

But why is canvassing effective? Since other outreach methods can easily be blocked and ignored – such as emails going directly to spam, calls going straight to voicemail, and ad-blockers on websites – using canvassing is a great way to ensure that people are going to actually listen to your message.

During your canvassing campaign, there are certain mistakes to avoid as beginners. Make sure as a new business that is trying to get the word out about why YOU are better than the competition, avoid the following:

  • Not setting a clear objective – One of the main mistakes of canvassing is not setting a clear goal. Before you send your employees out into the world, make sure they all know the purpose of the canvassing, what message you are trying to get across, and the desired interaction with potential customers.
  • Not making SMART goals – The next mistake is not making SMART goals – make sure your goal is specific and qualitative, measurable via quantitative data, attainable and realistic, relevant with your other sales efforts, and time-sensitive.
  • Not providing support – Before you send your employees on their canvassing quests, make sure they are all 100% ready to go out into the world.
  • Not training them – The next mistake to avoid is lacking training and on-boarding before sending your employees out for canvassing.
  • Not using scripts – The last mistake to avoid when it comes to canvassing is failing to provide employees with talking points and scripts. Ensure you give your employees the best questions to ask and convincing arguments to use with customers.


If you are trying to think of new marketing and sales tactics for business, consider using canvassing for your company. Not only will canvassing help you get a hold of your target market and reach your ideal clientele, but you can boost the public relations image of your business. Make sure that if you are new to canvassing that you avoid the mistakes of not setting a clear goal, not aiming for attainable and measurable goals, not supporting your employees, not onboarding your workers, and not using talking scripts for your employee-customer interactions.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.