5 Helpful steps to building an online business

Statistics say that over 2.5 billion people in the whole world use the internet. The web is the home to very many solutions, and that is the reason many people turn to it when they need to buy a product, learn something new, and most of all, seek entertainment.

As governments continue to make internet connection accessible and affordable to people, starting an online business is not as difficult as it was initially. Just as a brick and mortar store, you will have to prepare yourself adequately to see results as you launch the firm.

To help you start out, we are here to offer five steps to use during this time.

  1. Find a loophole in the market and fill it

The good thing about the internet is that you will always find someone who has the same idea as you. When you think about the internet and how limitless it can be, then it would be fair that you consider coming up with a unique idea.

As you carry out research, start noting down some weaknesses in your competitors. Ask yourself what is it that their audiences are asking for, and they are yet to give them.

From here, you will find the space that you require to fill it. Ensure that you pick a niche that you are familiar with; otherwise, it will be difficult to establish yourself as a brand and authority.

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  1. Build a reputable website and social media presence

You will need some income when it comes to this. Save up some cash to find the best services of a web designer, who should be professional enough to build a website that your audience will love. Consult Dealstruck if you need a boost during startup.

The website communicates a lot to your audience. Therefore, be careful with the colours, the overall design of the site, and some of the plugins that you use.

Ensure that you brand your social media pages. Remember that your social media page is the best place to get in contact with your audience, which can, in turn, become your customers.

  1. Hire a good content writer

If writing is not something you are interested in, then you will have to hire a content to design good copy for your website. Some websites lack content because they think that the brand is enough without it.

Nonetheless, if you want your audience to trust you, then your content should be top notch. Good content ranks high in Google because readers share with one another.

Be sure that you use informative articles when requesting for the pieces. Take time to research keywords with a lot of response from people to help you gather the best copy for your readers.

  1. Link with other businesses

Okay, this can be a little bit frustrating to many since they feel that it is not ethical to interact with fellow competitors. It may seem a bad idea; however, use them for your advantages. Successful businesses with many visitors should be your target.

After you find them, try to see if you can get guest posting opportunities on their site. Write up good posts, and add a link to your site.

Many people who do this end up receiving extra traffic to their site, which means that you will have exposure and additional sales for products and services.

  1. Launch a successful email campaign

Other than content writing, social media posting, and blog posting start an email campaign for your different products and services that you offer. Be sure that you make the copy as attractive and simple as possible.

Additionally, make it detailed, and use words that will hook your audience to read to the end and convert.

Note, however, that you should be timely in the way you send the emails. Too much spam annoys readers. Therefore, such individuals, who would have become prospects, end up unsubscribing from your newsletter.


Your website should be easy to use, even on a mobile phone. Encourage your customers to subscribe to your newsletter will make sure that they follow your blogs all the time. Free content in the form of video, podcasts, and content-which also include ebooks, could be a long-term method of capturing a prospect’s attention.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.