5 Best Microsoft Word Resume Templates for Getting a Dream Job

Have you just graduated and planning to hunt for an admirable job? Then you have landed in a perfect place. We are going to guide you through the first and foremost steps essential to reach your goal. The moment we end our studies, we step into a new phase to build a successful career. Depending on the skills and interests, we keep applying for suitable vacancies and wait too long for the most coveted interview call. And do you know what convinces the recruiters to shortlist the candidates? Yes, of course, your resume speaks up on your behalf. So, make sure that it reflects your abilities and achievements thoroughly and smartly. And remember, the presentation equally counts. 

Framing a curriculum vitae from scratch could be a bit tedious; however, you will notice half of your work already done if you use Microsoft Word resume templates. You can enhance your creativity and design ideas by reading this post suggesting the ten best Microsoft Word resume templates for getting a dream job. To nurture your in-depth knowledge about Microsoft word innovations, we recommend using online Microsoft Office Training lessons.

Templates are handy tools that can easily be downloaded to your PC or laptop so that you just have to edit accordingly. Add your academic qualifications, experience, and a few more details to keep applying for your filtered job profiles. Using templates, you can be precise and meticulous with your content. We make sure that whatever template you refer to from the below-shared list, no hiring manager could ever reject your job application.

How to write an ATS optimized resume?

Before your resume gets analyzed by the recruiting authority, it usually gets scanned by some software called ATS with filters on job requirements. To convey an imperative impression on the hiring human resources, scroll below to find out ways that ensure your resume is ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly

  • Incorporate some keywords or phrases (not all) used in the job description. There are chances that a resume with a complete match might get flagged for badly gaming the system.
  • Once you have finished editing your Word doc resume, save it as a PDF for easy export.
  • Keep minimum graphics.
  • Keep the necessary details in the body instead of headers and footers to avoid getting missed by any ATS software. 
  • Avoid unnecessary formatting.
  • It should be easily readable for both robots and humans
  • Don’t use overly wordy sentences and abbreviations—better fragment long structured sentences for clarity.

The basic resume template

A beginner’s resume that highlights your objective statement, experience, and skills. You can get started with this simple resume template.

Skill-based resume template

This resume template focuses on reflecting your expertise. Its light color makes it a perfectly customizable template for any job field.

The chronological resume template

To avoid the complexity of organizing the job experience in chronology, just grab this template and save your time and effort.

Another traditional resume template

Want to keep up your resume unpretentious without too much formatting? Just modify either your headings or subheadings by using a different font. Keep it simple yet catchy.

Creative resume template

Border your resume content and add more color to draw attention to specific credentials by utilizing this creative resume template. Take up proper space without being distracting. 

This article will help you build a powerpack resume for an impressive first interaction. We wish you good luck with a prosperous and bright future.

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