4 Ways a Smartphone Can Help a Business

There are many processes, tools, pieces of equipment, and practices that businesses embrace to ensure they remain productive and successful. It’s never a simple solution and it’s always a multi-pronged approach. Business owners also have to be open to new options and new solutions that can bring about positive results. One tool or piece of equipment that business owners don’t always give credit to, but should, is the smartphone.

Let’s take a look at four ways in which this handy device can help your business become even more successful.

Take Your Office Anywhere

The first and most obvious way a smartphone can help your business is that it allows for flexibility and portability. As long as you’ve got a smartphone, you can take your office and your business on the road with you to any location. You can keep in touch with staff and clients; check on emails and respond to them; have access to documents and files via the Cloud; use a variety of productivity apps and software that allows for real-time updates; and even track such things as inventory, sales and invoicing. Location is no longer a limiting factor when you have a smartphone.

As an example, as an Evansville truck accident attorney, you can go to the site of the accident or at the hospital to discuss the case with your clients and have access to all business tools you need in your smartphone.

Use Your Smartphone as a Barcode Scanner

Did you know that your smartphone can also be transformed into a fully functional barcode scanner? As long as your smartphone has a camera, it has this capability. With the right software, your smartphone will be able to read and recognize the barcodes used for your products and inventory with an emphasis on accuracy, convenience, portability and speed. Businesses can investigate several options.

Learn the Benefits of Virtual Assistants

Because people have so much on their plates nowadays, it can be very hard to stay on top of it all, remember all the important tasks and deadlines, and stay organized. Here’s another way your smartphone can help, as it can act as a virtual assistant.

You can set reminders, timers, schedule tasks, and appointments, and even have the assistant send messages and place calls. Best of all, some of the most powerful virtual assistants, such as Apple Siri, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant, are all free to use. The technology behind these tools is constantly being updated and upgraded, giving you more and more functionality.

Transform Your Smartphone into a Mobile Cash Register

Another useful application is the fact that you can transform your smartphone into a mobile cash register. With the right software, you’ll be able to make sales on the go, which is ideal for those who attend trade shows, set up mobile stands and shops, or travel to the customer to make a sale. You’ll need a mobile card reader to enable this technology, and from there you’ll be able to process credit card sales.

Everyone is aware of how simple communication is thanks to a smartphone, but these devices can do so much more than make and receive calls. This is just a small look at how a smartphone can help your business to be successful, productive and efficient.


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