4 Unconventional Small Business Ideas for the Restless Entrepreneur

Do you want to run your own business, but you’ve always been a nontraditional type of person? Does the idea of sitting in an office all day or supervising a team of busy workers at their desks fill you with dread and boredom? There are plenty of ways to work for yourself that don’t involve being hunched over a computer all day. The four ideas below can help you get started thinking about what you can do, but they’re just a few of the many unconventional business ideas that can actually be both practical and profitable.

Pet Care

There are many things to consider when starting a business and passion is certainly one of them. Do you love animals? So do a lot of other people, so much so that they will pay a lot of money to ensure that their dogs are walked every day or that their pets are cared for when they go on vacation. Becoming a dog walker or a cat sitter, or caring for more unusual pets, such as birds or iguanas can be surprisingly lucrative. One of the drawbacks could be a lot of travel time between clients. Be sure to factor that in as you set your prices. Another option is setting up boarding facilities at your home. This might not be possible if you live in a city or suburb, but if your location is more rural, you may have more space to keep animals. Do you love both cats and coffee? Consider opening a cat cafe to provide a temporary home to rescues and draw in the guests.

House Flipping

HGTV has made house flipping very popular as a way for people to enter the property investment market, but it would be a mistake to assume that it’s all as easy as the TV show makes it look. All the same, if you’re interested in real estate and remodeling, this can be an excellent way to make a profit when you might not otherwise be able to afford to jump into the market. You can read more about house flipping and what you need to do if you are going to make a profit to help you decide if it might be right for you.

Grow Something

It’s no secret that family farms have been struggling for decades. However, that doesn’t mean that with the right products and marketing you can’t make a living or at least have a good side gig growing fruits, vegetables or flowers to sell in a stall at your local farmer’s market. There are plenty of options to diversify as well. You could have pick-your-own strawberries or other fruits, or you could make and sell homemade jam.

Become a Local Guide

Do you know the mountains om your area like the back of your hand? Are you a local history buff? You could lead tourists and locals alike on walking tours of the area. To expand your offerings, create high-end experiences for small groups of 2-4 that cost a lot more and offer various perks and amenities, such as meals or even overnight trips. If you’re engaging, knowledgeable and you genuinely like people, this can be surprisingly lucrative once you start to hit a kind of critical mess of where word of mouth about you is starting to spread and people are booking regularly.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.