4 Tips for Teaming Up With Influencers for Your Business

Influencer marketing—what was once seen as “fringe” and experimental, has now become one of the most popular marketing strategies!  Influencer marketing gives you a direct link to your ideal demographic thanks to someone they admire endorsing your products or services.

Beyond influencer marketing being incredibly effective, it’s also very cost effective. Not to mention, depending on what influencer you team up with, your collaboration could go viral.

Yet, not everyone gets it right when it comes to influencer marketing. To help you effectively promote your business and reach a wider audience, here are some of the best tips for teaming up with influencers to promote your brand.

Choose The Right One

First and foremost, the success of your collaboration with an influencer will largely depend on who you go with.  You want to make sure that you choose someone that is in line with what you’re selling.

Get to know what kind of an audience each influencer you’re considering has, and the success of their previous campaigns. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the influencer you choose to hire is how many followers they have. However, numbers can be tricky and in the world of influencing— they aren’t everything.

Remember, in addition to number of followers, engagement is equally as important. You want to make sure that the number of followers they have is authentic, otherwise you may be wasting your money on advertising to a bunch of bots.

Be Clear About Your Objectives

Before you start approaching influencers you want to make sure that you know exactly what you set out to achieve. Have a clear list of what you hope to do— whether it’s increasing your sales, or boosting your social media following, you should be ready to approach potential influencers with a detailed list in mind.

This will help them determine whether they’re capable of helping you succeed, or whether you’d be better off suited with someone else.  The best influencers are the ones that are honest about whether their audience would be the best for your business or not and can help guide you in the right direction of another influencer who would be a better choice.


Remember, influencing is a business just like any other one. You don’t have to automatically settle with whatever price they set. Don’t be afraid to negotiate to ensure that the terms are beneficial to both of you. Be clear about your budget from the beginning to avoid any misunderstandings, and you won’t just save yourself time, but also potential influencers.

Give Them the Green Light

Part of an influencer’s job is to come up with content to promote your product. If you spell out exactly what you want them to do, then it can detract from the overall product. You should trust an influencers’ expertise and allow them the creative freedom to create your content.

No one knows their audience better than they do, so if you truly want to reach your target audience with content that resonates with the people that matter, don’t micromanage the creative process, but rather let them go for it.

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