4 Tips For Shopping Employee Holiday Gifts That Are Well-Thought-Out

Employee gifts during the holidays may not be a priority for some, but they go a long way towards creating a better overall employee experience in a company. After all, you and your team have worked through various challenges over the past few months. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for their contributions to the business. And one way to thank them is by gifting them.   

However, corporate gift-giving isn’t easy, especially if it’s to someone you aren’t close with. You may be unsure of their likes and dislikes, making it challenging to choose the right gift. Additionally, you may not have direct access to them hence the lack of opportunity to ask them what they’d prefer. But there’s no need to stress that much about it. This article offers you steps you can take to be able to purchase well-thought-out holiday gifts. Keep reading to learn more. 

1.     Have A Budget 

First, have a budget of how much you’re comfortable with spending. Going over budget may have serious consequences, so deciding how much you or your company can shell out without hurting your bottom line is important. What’s even better is when you can determine how much you can afford to spend for a gift to each team member. You might also want to consider dividing them into various levels based on their impact on the business or recent accomplishments. That way, you’ll have a spending limit for every individual. 

2.     Get Gifts That Relate With Their Hobby 

Gifts symbolize that you appreciate or value the people you’re gifting. One way to show that you care about them is to get personalized gifts that reflect their interests or hobbies. What do your team members like to do during the weekend or when they have spare time? Do they have a place that they love to visit for fun? Maybe they have favorite food spots? Or do they follow specific sports teams? Take note of those things as they indicate what kind of presents appeal to them the most.  

With the information above, you’ll have a higher chance of giving something to your employees that they’ll appreciate. For example, if they’re a firm supporter of environmental awareness programs, you might want to consider giving them candle boxes or other eco-friendly items.  

However, the big question remains; how would you know the interests of your team members if you don’t have direct access to them? Do you need to ask them about their likes and dislikes personally? Well, one and maybe the easiest way to do it is to run a survey. The digital survey can ask your team members to rate specific ideas or contain open-ended questions that will reveal their preferences. 

Another excellent option for personalized gifts is a custom-made book tailored to your employee’s interests. Whether it’s a collection of their favorite recipes, a novel from their preferred genre, or a book on a topic they’re passionate about, a personalized book shows thoughtfulness and consideration.

3.     Find Shops That Won’t Disappoint You 

Today, gift shops have become a thing, and many people have opened them as businesses. That’s why it’s easy to find one. Unfortunately, not all of them have quality items. It doesn’t matter if you know what your staff wants if you can’t give them something that will be useful to them for a long time. Therefore, when buying gifts, look for shops with quality products unless you plan to give gift cards or movie tickets, which are also great choices.  

The problem is that it can be challenging to differentiate quality items from others just by looking at them. One way you can identify good shops is through customer reviews. Check what consumers who have tried buying a gift from a specific shop are saying about it.  

Of course, don’t forget about the price, too. It’s another factor to consider when buying gifts. Prices differ from one shop to the other. Therefore, ensure to look for a shop with prices within your budget. 

4.     Don’t Take The Packaging For Granted 

Doing your budgeting right, choosing a gift based on the receivers’ interests, and finding the best store that sells the items won’t be enough if you can’t give a great unboxing experience as well. Ensure that your gift creates excitement by making it attractive, at the very least.  

Close-up view of hands of unrecognizable woman giving red gift box tied to bow handed to man. Giving gifts during the Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday at office.

Another step you could take to do the packaging of the present for your employees right is by including a personalized card. In a hand-written note, recognize your staff’s contribution to the company. Take a moment to thoroughly reflect on what you value about them being part of your team. 

Wrapping it up 

If you want to show appreciation for your staff, you can’t go wrong with holiday gifts. It makes them feel recognized and appreciated, which translates to better performance in the workplace. It also reduces an employee’s desire to leave by increasing happiness. Of course, higher retention in a workplace allows for significant savings for years.   

So, if you want happy employees, consider giving them gifts during the holidays. And if you want to be able to shop for presents that will appear to your team members as something that’s well-thought-out, follow the tips mentioned and discussed above. 

June McGown