4 Tips for Having a Successful Workers’ Compensation Case

When you are injured on the job, making sure you have the financial resources needed to keep you going until you recover is crucial. This is where workers’ compensation can make a difference and give you peace of mind. Unfortunately, workers’ comp claims are harder to get approved than you may realize. To have a successful workers’ comp case, here are four tips to keep in mind.

1- Use a Reputable Workers’ Comp Attorney

To increase your chances of having a successful claim, always work with a reputable workers’ comp attorney who has a track record of helping injured workers win their cases. When searching for an attorney to handle your claim, look to lawyers who handle workers’ comp claims exclusively, since they usually have in-depth knowledge of the claims process and can give you excellent advice each step of the way.

2- Report Your Injury As Quickly as Possible

Depending on the state where you work, you may have only a few days in which to report your workplace accident to your supervisor. Should you miss the deadline, you will not be able to file a claim, no matter how serious your injuries. Rather than take unnecessary chances, always report your injury as fast as possible to your immediate supervisor. Preferably, you should report your injury the same day it occurs. If you don’t and let several days pass by before reporting your injury, it is possible your employer may try to claim you were injured elsewhere instead of on the job.

3- Don’t Skip Your Medical Appointments

Even when you start to feel better and anticipate being able to go back to your job, don’t skip your medical appointments and think this won’t go unnoticed by an insurance company. In some cases where medical appointments are skipped, workers’ comp claims are denied and prevent workers from receiving the money needed to cover living expenses during their recovery period. Even though you may not enjoy seeing doctor after doctor and attending physical therapy sessions, doing so increases the chances you will have a successful workers’ comp claim.

4- Get Witness Statements

Even though your employer should trust you enough to take your word for it if you file a workers’ comp claim, being able to obtain witness statements can greatly bolster your case and provide additional verification that you were indeed injured on the job. Whether it was your coworkers who witnessed your accident or others who just happened to be in your area when the accident took place, always try to obtain statements from as many people as possible. The more people are able to verify your accident in a similar manner, the more credible your claim becomes. When obtaining witness statements, also get their contact information, since your attorney will want to speak with them as well.

If you keep these four tips in mind when filing your workers’ comp claim, you should have little difficulty getting your claim approved and receiving the money you need while your injuries heal. Remember that being thorough, prompt, and precise in your documentation can significantly expedite the process and ensure you receive the support you deserve during your recovery.

Brett Sartorial

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