3 Online Course Categories Every Small Business Owner Must Research

You probably have stumbled upon this article because you own a small business or are about starting one. Whatever the case may be you are better off gathering as much knowledge as you can before you venture further into your business. With the tens of millions of businesses in the United States alone you must understand the need for as much preparation as possible.

Just in case you are still in doubt if it is absolutely necessary to learn as much as you can before starting a business, or in this very case take as many online courses as possible. Yes, it is! Two issues constantly bugging every businessman are investment capital and time. These make online courses a perfect option. They are generally cheaper and do not have to mess with your busy hours.

What makes a good online course

Before introducing you to the 3 online course domains you probably need to cover, it’s fair you are equipped with some kind of measurement to tell a great course from a poor one. This is very important because there are thousands of them and going through every single one related to your business will be a horrible waste of time. The big question remains how to tell a good online course from a bad one. These pointers should put you well on the way in telling what courses are good.

  1. Double check and make sure the market place hosting the course is reputable – Its not definite that the older, more famous platforms have the best courses, but it’s likely the more experienced course creators have their courses on these older platforms.  A great example of this is Kaplan.
  2. Read the reviews, watch the free intro and overview before paying – If you are picking a review, make sure it is detailed. A standard may be the Amazing Selling Machine X review on investburundi.com;detailed and from a source that has actually used the course.
  3. Check for the course creator’s credentials and verify they are reputable – They do not have to have the greatest degrees and experience but verify they are who they say they are. You may want to do a LinkedIn search and double check on schools and certification.
  4. Check out the course content and compare to your need and deficiencies – You normally will be able to see the content without paying for the course. make sure what you see is the knowledge you lack and knowledge relevant to your business. If, for example, you are looking for a 2-year intensive part-time online course that covers subjects in leadership and management, an MBA degree online from RMIT is the right fit for you.  

3 Fundamental Online Course Categories for Small Businesses


This is arguably seen as the most important factor in your business, that’s why taking an online financial literacy course should be something to consider doing to help yourself and your business. Most businesses get finance from one of these three channels; revenues got from business operations, investor investments; they could be from partners,  owners, financial institution or individual loans. These finances are essential to run daily operations and payments.

A business owner will greatly benefit from online courses on financial analyses, investing, financial modeling, stock trading, accounting, etc.


One of the most visited aspects of management is personnel management. As a business owner, you will have to make clear cut definitions of the roles and duties of employees. You will decide on what details and guidelines must be included in the handbook. Personnel management also includes properly explaining job expectations; monitoring, planning, and evaluating job results;  counseling, coaching, and staff discipline and leadership. A good leader motivates people to do their best and shows empathy. A Leadership development program is essential for high-performance management: conflict resolution, empowerment, motivation, and self-improvement are all important characteristics of top-performing managers..

All these, however, are just one aspect of management. Another important branch of management is project management. It often includes creating, overseeing, and enforcing systems, procedures, policies, and general productivity standards.

Management is definitely a huge part of running your small business. There are many great courses that teach these principles and make you a better manager. You will find great online management courses on agile, PMP, Scrum, leadership, product management, and management skill.

Marketing & Sales

Every acquisition channel is developed with sales in mind. This makes sales extremely important for every business. The amount of sales your business makes determines how viable your business is. Sales play a unique and fundamental role in bridging the divide between a potential customer’s needs and the organization’s products or services.

Often people say good products sell themselves, this used to be true, but with the amount of competition your organization will face, you will need more than good products. A great marketing strategy is often very fundamental to sales. Your marketing strategy often includes adverts. This even gets better when you have advert and sales strategies that are very cost effective.

In Conclusion

You will find the host of great online courses in this domain very useful. Some specialized sales courses will include; lead generation, dropshipping, cold calling, and business development courses.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.